This is a truly unique little collection of items regarding the most taboo topic of them all: our weight. It’s such a private matter. We avoid the subject, and we keep our scales in the bathroom to weigh ourselves discretely. With these scales, it’s a topic that simply cannot be ignored.


The Yay! Scale
Designer: Marilyn Wann

This scale is fun, feminine (yeah, you think so?) and encouraging. It’ll serve you compliments, and remind you that you’re fabulous every step of the journey to your goal weight. Besides the endearing words of self-praise, this scale is uniquely yours, as the designer makes each scale by hand, and no 2 scales are the same.

The Yay Scale

Toilet Seat Scale
Designer: Haikun Deng

For the ultimate lazy man – or woman, you can sit and weigh yourself while using the toilet. Not so sure what to think of this scale and am baffled that it even exists. Do you check a before and after here? That just might be too much information!

Toilet Seat Scale

Doormat Scale
Designer: Emilio Alarcon

How wonderfully evil!! I love this! If you want to ensure that nobody wipes their feet upon entering your beautifully carpeted living room, this is a great welcome mat for you.

Doormat Scale

This scale also comes in animal form. If you say you’re feeling as fat as a peacock, you could be correct. Though I wouldn’t advise doing that, unless you enjoy receiving blank stares.

Animal Weighing Scale


The take a spin scale — so pretty you can leave out…

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