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Greatroom decorative Wall Unit Shelves

Custom Wall units for specific needs are a great way to organize your living space, while adding a touch of style and elegance to any room. Our clients are always asking us to find ways to add extra storage space to their homes in an attractive way that looks like furniture. There are limitless ways we can create this for you with our wall unit designs. Here are some ideas and photos that might inspire you.

library Book Shelf Wall Units
Greatroom decorative Wall Unit Shelves

Furniture Style Wall Units

We love working together with our clients to create something that so perfectly melds the architectural style of the home with the functionality they are seeking. Shown here is a great example of a neutral hued, furniture-style wall unit that became the focal point in of this den flanking the fire place with open shelving and closed storage.

Not For Books Only

Wall units are not just for books either. There are a variety of creative ideas to add storage in the form of wall units to your space. You can create a cigar bar, wine bar, overflow pantry, coffee bar, or simple open shelving for decorative objects. You can even mix materials like wood, glass and metal if you are looking for an eye-catching peice. Paired with the right ambient lightning, the perfect wall unit can be a bold centerpeice to your living room, bedroom, library, or den.
Grey Display Backlit wall unit cabinetry
wet bar cabinet integrated fridge drawer closed
Living Room White Wall Units
cigar bar
entertainment center and fireplaces

Highlighting a Client’s Record Collection

We recently had clients who asked us to create a custom wall to wall unit to store their massive record collection. They did not finish adding their entire records collection to the cubbies yet, but I was eager to share this photo with you.  This records room is one of our favorites and it features hidden housing for the record player and surround sound system.
Custom Record shelf with hidden record player sound system
Custom Record shelf with hidden record player sound system

If you are looking for a professional to help you design your custom wall unit, make an appointment with our experienced designers. With the right wall unit design, you can transform any room into a stylish and functional space and make it your own. Call us to speak with one of our designers today. 516-746-3435

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