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 With an environmental policy graduate in the house, the Kelly’s are always looking for ways to be more green in the kitchen.  Replacing disposable everyday items in the kitchen with sustainable alternatives is easier than you might think.  Here is a roundup of beautiful everyday “reusables”  from Food52  — a huge shout out to the photographer, James Ransom, whose images are spectacular!


Reusable Bowl Lids - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog


Reusable Linen Bowl Covers: I can’t be the only one who is tired of wrestling with plastic wrap. These linen lids are a perfect solution and you can reuse them again and again.


Reusable Ball Jar Lunch Kit - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog



Ball Jar Lunches to Go With Custom Ingredient Separators: Our kids love it when we keep a few yogurt parfaits stocked in the refrigerator for a quick grab and go lunch or snack. This jar kit is also great for keeping salad dressing away from your lettuce greens until you’re ready to mix. We use canning jars for storing almost everything. I even keep plucked grapes in glass jars in the refrigerator so we can all reach for the healthy snack first. What’s great is that the food looks so attractive in vertical glass, and it keeps your fridge clean and organized too.


Reusable Produce Bags - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog



Organic Cotton Produce Bags: Throw a bunch of these in your car or purse and have them handy when you are off to the market. Not only will you protect the environment, you can store your fruits and veggies in there once you get home.  Note: They are best for hardier produce rather than greens and are great for beans and nuts as well.


Reusable Cleaning Cloths - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog



Reusable Cleaning Rags:  I made this switch even before my daughter’s nagging. Besides being so pretty, I actually think they clean up kitchen messes better. The splash of color is much more cheerful, and you can even use them as napkins. The cloths are sold in one-of-a-kind sets of 20. The rolled edge helps to hold their shape after plenty of washes.


Reusable Sandwish Bags - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog



Fabric Sandwich Wraps: This just makes good sense, and these exclusive sandwich wraps are so pretty, you’ll feel like you’re unwrapping a gift at lunchtime.


Reusable Loose Tea Bags - Green Kitchen Design - Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly Blog


Organic Reusable Cotton Tea Bags: I am a loose tea addict, and these teabags are so darn practical! You put the loose tea in the bag and tuck and fold to seal. They are easy to use and great for making large pots because they can hold 4 teaspoons of loose tea. You can also use them as mini snack bags for throwing some almonds or raisins in your purse, or use them to store jewelry and makeup.

Kitchen Designs is proud to be affiliated with Food52 . We are inspired by their green initiatives and love their recipes too!

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