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Culinary functionality of kitchen appliances combined with magnificent design aesthetics are key elements in creating your dream kitchen. How do you select kitchen appliances within a budget for the most important room in your home? In this blog post, I priced out three sample kitchen packages for high end luxury appliances, mid-range priced appliances, and budget/economical appliances.

The size and style of the appliances you select will influence the shape and design of your kitchen, so this will be an important first conversation with your designer. These appliance decisions affect the plumbing and electrical design plans as well. Consider your budget and lifestyle when selecting appliances.  Below are answers to three recent questions clients asked when preparing to purchase appliances.


“What is the difference between standard and professional appliances?” Pro appliances are pricier but tend to be more durable and powerful, and they are designed beautifully. For serious cooks, heavy entertainers, or large families, they are a good choice. There are also many options in standard appliances, which also get the job done and can be beautiful as well. The investment you make is a personal decision based on lifestyle, budget, and taste.


“Where should I buy my appliances?”You can buy them on your own or through your kitchen designer. At our Long Island kitchen showroom, we are dealers for numerous appliance manufacturers, both built-in and freestanding. We highly recommend clients purchase their appliance package through us for several reasons, and if you are working with a professional kitchen designer, I recommend you do the same.Here’s why:Your kitchen designer can offer highly competitive and often the lowest prices available for your appliances. We do not view appliances as a profit center. For us, it is an added-value service of our business. It is a win-win for both of us. We give you the lowest price and take all responsibility off of you.


We also control the ordering, timing, and delivery of the product.That leaves you stress free. Most importantly, we know there will be no last-minute substitutions of a product that somehow miss being communicated to us that could potentially cause problems with the sizing or the installation.

“How do I select my appliances within my budget?” Go shopping first to determine the quality and the features of what you’re looking for so you can help yourself establish a budget. Once you have established a general category you want to be in, your kitchen designer will help you refine your final choices based on experience and knowledge of those appliances. Your kitchen designer can give you a good comparable that might be a better choice, or fill you in on customer feedback by telling you what previous clients liked or didn’t like about features of the appliances they selected.


Because there is such a broad range in price, we like to send you out there to get an idea first. Do you want a Fisher Paykel $900 refrigerator, a Kitchen Aid $3,000 refrigerator, or a SubZero $7,000 refrigerator? … You need to determine how much money you want to allocate and what features are important to you.

Examining the wide array of different characteristics can help you evaluate your kitchen appliance options for both professional grade and standard grade appliances. Consider the following: Your Budget, Appliance Size, Aesthetic Design, Color and/or Integrated Panel Options, Maintenance and Ease of Cleaning, Energy Efficiency, Consumer Reviews, Ventilation Requirements, and Warrantees.

kitchendesignsappliances7I priced out three separate appliances packages for you to examine based on current retail prices in the marketplace. Note:  Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, can often meet or beat these prices shown. I used retail prices below with specific make and model numbers to illustrate the following price points: 1) a High-end luxury appliance package; 2) a Mid-level appliance package; and 3) a Budget or economical appliance package.

1) A high end luxury appliance package might look like this:
• Range 48” Wolf Duel FuelDF486G-SS6 burners and a griddle$11,379.00
• Dishwasher MieleG2183SCVI $1199.00
• Microwave GEZEM200SF $375.00
• Micro Trim Kit $119.00
• Refrigerator Sub ZeroBI-36U/SS $8,045.00
• HoodBestK4254SS $2,469.00
• Note: Additionally, high-end kitchens often add wine coolers, warming drawers, and additional refrigerator and freezer drawers.

Price Point for High End Luxury Appliance Package

Visit these manufacturers for the photo above: SubZero-Wolf, Meile, GE Appliances, Best
2) A mid range medium-priced appliance package might look like this one using Kitchen Aid and GE Profile:
• RangeKitchen Aid duel fuelKDSS907SSS$1,729.00
• Canopy Hood Kitchen Aid KWCS160WSS $899.00
• Dishwasher Kitchen Aid KUDC03FVSS $699.00
• Refrigerator GE ProfilePSCS5TGXSS (counter depth )$2,579.00
• Microwave GEPEM315MSS $229.00

Price Point for Medium Priced, Mid Range Appliance Package

Visit these manufacturers for the photo above: Kitchen AidGE Appliances


3) A budget appliance package might look like this one using Frigidaire Professional Series:
• Frigidaire Professional Series: RangeFGGF3041KF$709.00
• Micro HoodFFMV164LS $289.00
• RefrigeratorFFHS2612LS $999.00
• DishwasherFPHD2481KF$599.00

Price Point for Budget-Economical Appliance Package

Visit Manufacturer (Frigidaire) Link Below

Visit this manufacturer for the photo above: Frigidaire


Please Note: All prices are subject to change but represent current retail prices we found in the market as of today.In some cases delivery charges could be additional. All appliance sales must add sales tax.

Another good resource for researching appliances all in one place is here on our planning resources page. If you have further questions, we are always happy to answer them.

Hope this is helpful to you in your kitchen appliance search.

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