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Healthy Kitchen

It’s easy to create a healthy kitchen. The most common excuses for putting off resolutions of health, fitness, and overall wellness are time and expense. We are constantly on the run, racing from one place to another with little time to prepare for optimally nutritious meals. The kitchen, which can be the hub of all natural organic meals and snacks or the catalyst for poorly destructive eating habits, seems to take on the role of a comfort zone. Creating a healthy comfort zone is an important investment, which promises families dividends rich in wellness and happiness. Get cooking! Such a process involves two simple steps.

Step 1

First is the removal of all food items, drinks, and condiments that contain saturated fat, chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Go through the refrigerator, cabinets, and closets. Gather the boxes, bags, and containers of toxic ingredients.

Step 2

Next, stock up on goodness. Store fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, teas, and fruit juices throughout the kitchen. Decorate countertops with colorful fruits such as red and green apples, strawberries, and bananas. Keep a juicer and blender available for quick snacks or meal replacements.

A thorough transformation of a healthy kitchen transcends a happy, stress free home. By creating an environment filled with positive choices, we are well equipped with the tools needed to eat well. The Healthy Kitchen is a comforting, peaceful, nurturing escape, connecting families throughout daily life.

Try these recipes:

Pumpkin Pie Quinoa
Healthy Cole Slaw
Crock Pot Chicken
Kale Chips (scroll down after clicking)
Almond Muffins (scroll down after clicking)
Homemade Trail Mix (scroll down after clicking)
Green Smoothies
Guacomole & Salsa
Chocolate Munchies
Healthy Veggie Soup
Roasted Chick Peas

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