Cambria Introduced a New Surface Top Called Inverness Frost

Their beautiful show booth features this dramatic smooth black countertop contrasted with white lightening strikes in a fan-shaped countertop, using their thermoforming process to get its unique shape.

Cambria also featured a grand shower tiled with  1cm thick slabs, looking super clean and timeless. Cambria’s slab surface also makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy.

Work station style sinks

Many of the showcase booths featured workstation sinks including one of our client favorites — The Galley Workstation sink.

revit workstation sink

Rise in Colors and Contrast

Many of the kitchens and baths showcased at KBIS lean towards color and texture. The Bold Ambition kitchen is anything but meek. It’s dramatic. It’s daring and a show favorite.

The Bold Ambition kitchen
The Bold Ambition kitchen

Multiple Textures in Materials

Many of the hardware vendors are showcasing a mixed-material hardware. Mixing materials, finishes and tones in cabinet hardware can offer your kitchen design an artistic and creative effect agaist the cabinetry.

Top Knobs

Top Knobs Bit Pull series and Charlotte series is particularly beautiful — shown here with a flat black base color highlighted in honey gold.


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