Washer and Dryer Smart Connections

The new Smart LG washer comes with some features that offer a smarter, more seamless way to get laundry done! The LG Washer comes with the newest laundry AI technology innovation to detect what is inside the tube. It automatically adjusts to fabric type, load size and even soil level to automaticly dispense the right amount of detergent and adjust the wash cycle as needed making sure your clothes are more thoroughly cleaned.

When it comes to drying, the LG smart pairing enables the washer to pass infomation to the dryer, allowing the dryer to automaticlly set the optimal drying cycle to eliminate all the guesswork. LG’s AI technology also enables the appliance to learn the user’s laundry routine and preferences to deliver tailored drying options every time. An infrared sensor accurately measures the temperature of the clothes during the drying cycle and makes adjustments automatically to ensure even drying. 

LG STUDIO Styler (Mirror) Finish
LG STUDIO Styler (Mirror) Finish

Dry at Home With The Best Fabric Care

Along with their new AI smart washer and dryer, LG also showed off its steam closet. The closet uses heat, moisture and fragrance to, sanitizes, refreshes and dries your clothes. This is great for drying any more delicate fabric that cannot be heat dried, or fabric that can easily shrink.

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