KBIS2022 Bath Sliver - Airmada Drying System

No Need to Squeegee with this Shower Drying System

AirmMost showers have trouble keeping the moisture away due to the lack of ventilation after all those hot showers. The Airmada Drying System won this year’s 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show’s Silver award in the bath category for its creative design solution to an age-old problem. ada’s system integrates Air-Jet nozzles into the ceiling or walls of your shower and blasts forced air through its vents to quickly air dry the whole shower. This method effectively dries the shower area within minutes instead of hours, allowing the next person to use the shower in a dry environment.

Protects Against Mold and Mildew

The Airmada Shower Drying System not only protects against mold and mildew, but it will save you from slipping on wet floors or having to use a squeegee on shower walls. A push of a button is all you need to trigger the air flow into your shower from the system’s air-jet nozzles, which are installed into the ceiling and/or walls of your shower.

Airmada dry solution shower
Airmada dry solution shower
Airmada dry solution shower
Airmada shower drying system nozzle

Create a Dryer Bathroom Environment

You can install four to twenty brass nozzles into your shower space depending on its size. Some can be placed directionally to help reach special areas like under a shower bench. The plumbing system is hidden and can be placed into the attic, basement, or a nearby closet within 100 feet. The design comes in seven finishes to match your tile and/or bathroom aesthetic.

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