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Do you love to cook and spend time in your kitchen? Let’s design the best new chef’s kitchen for you! Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly specializes in making kitchen improvements that will drastically change the functionality of your kitchen. You will enjoy cooking so much more when all your chef’s kitchen tools are efficiently arranged and organized. Our designers will help you get it right with a design that best matches all of your cooking needs. Here are some essential things to think about, and when you are ready for your own professional chef’s kitchen call 516-746-3435.

Workflow and Functionality

Working Countertop Space in your Chef’s Kitchen

A large working area that can be easily cleaned up after cooking up a big meal is essential. You don’t want cluttered counters while preparing the food, and you certainly don’t want everything in the way when trying to clean up afterwards. Adequate prep space is a very important priority.

Check out our Large Kitchen Islands

Center Island - Galley Sink Workstation

Extra Sink Space

It is so nice to have extra sink space when it comes to preparing food, washing, rinsing, and cleaning up. Our designers love the Galley Sink Workstation for creating a social, functional workstation where multiple tasks can be accomplished in a linear work line.

View more info about our Galley Sink Workstation

Galley Sink Serve at IWS7S GT

Pot Fillers

Pot fillers can be conveniently mounted over your stove and are designed with a swing-out pivoting arm. This provides easily accessible water without having to lift and move heavy lobster or pasta pots. It’s a nice add-on to a chef’s kitchen.

OakLn Kitchen Range

Built-in Compost Pail and Garbage Disposal

Easily compost extra food scraps into a in-counter composting system and/or dispose extra scraps into a space saving garbage disposal equipped to grind regular or difficult food items.

blanco in counter composting can

State-of-the-art Appliances

High-Powered Ovens and Steam Ovens

Today’s kitchens have some of the best oven appliance options you can dream of for your new chef’s kitchen. Take a look at the various manufacturer’s features for convection ovens and steam ovens. Many of our clients enjoy having two or more types of ovens in their kitchens.

Read about Gaggenau’s Steam Ovens

Read about Sub-Zero Wolf’s appliances

Read about La Cornu appliances

High-powered Range Hoods
A high-powered range hood is a must have in any busy kitchen. Having a more powerful hood with multi speed blowers will whisk away smoke and odors and are engineered to reduce the extra noise. They are also aesthetically attractive and come with built-in lighting to illuminate your cooking area.

Check out the Sub-Zero Range Hood

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