Wolf Subzero - Built-In Coffee System

Morning Upgrade with a Perfect Cup of Coffee!

This Built-In Coffee System from Sub-Zero Wolf provides all our home baristas the ability and ease of whipping up café-style beverages in minutes. Create your perfect morning brew without making an extra stop at the coffee shop! You can customize the settings to allow for 15 different drink options, and the integrated design looks beautiful in the kitchen. When company comes over, you can whip up something spectacular in seconds.


The built-in coffee system’s digital touchscreen lets you customize detailed aspects of your beverages for six user profiles. Everyone’s favorites are one-two touches away.


The system is self-cleaning. It rinses itself at startup and shutdown. Because the milk container is insulated, the milk bypasses the system. Clean it by twisting the frothing knob.


Since the built-in coffee system doesn’t require any special water lines, this unit can be installed almost everywhere in the home like the kitchen, den, or bedroom if you choose.

Add a Cup Warming Drawer

The cup warming drawer for the 24″ built-in coffee system is a luxurious add on. I often rinse my morning coffee mug with hot boiling water before adding coffee, but this warming drawer ensures cups are heated to the perfect temperature before serving. The touch controls are hidden, and the cup-warming drawer fits 40 cups inside.

Be sure to visit Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly showroom in Williston Park, and ask our designers about how you can incorporate the best coffee systems into your kitchen. Read more at SubZero-Wolf.com.

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