8 Small Kitchen Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

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We rounded up a few client project photos to give you some creative small kitchen ideas. A small kitchen can be stylish and efficient with a few clever kitchen design ideas that can make your space work well for your lifestyle. If you are on a budget, one of the best things you can do is collaborate with a professional designer because their expertise will help you get the best design for your space and the highest quality products. A kitchen designer’s creativity will maximize your budget with the bells and whistles from your wish list because this is their specialty. Don’t be afraid if they charge a design fee. This cost will save you in the long term, and is often deducted from the price of the cabinetry. Remember, improper planning can be very expensive. A good designer will help you get the best kitchen possible for your investment, especially if your kitchen is small. View more photos of our Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly projects by clicking the images.

small kitchen ideas

This is a project our Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly team completed in a New York City apartment renovation. See our complete photoshoot and read about our project inspiration here.

Here are eight small kitchen ideas we used with clients you can try in your home:

1) To make the area appear visually larger, use light or white cabinetry. Too much white can be a bit bland; so don’t be afraid to add some artwork, colorful pottery, or a contrasting color to your backsplash or countertop. Consider open shelving or glass front cabinet doors to keep the kitchen light and airy.

small kitchen ideas
2) Reflective surfaces can make the space appear larger as well. If you use dark cabinetry, choose soft hues or white on the walls.
NY Apartment Small kitchen
3) Eliminate clutter, and I mean take it to the bare bones necessities and keep only what you use every day. A small kitchen equipped only with what you need is going to be a very efficient kitchen. Crowded counters make your space appear smaller. Your designer will maximize storage, so you don’t have to keep too much on the countertops. Appliance garages work well if you have the space.
Appliance garage for apartment kitchen makeovers
4) Don’t be afraid to spill a small galley kitchen into an adjacent room like we did in this NYC apartment. By opening up the kitchen and using the space in the adjoining living room, we were able to give our client much needed extra storage plus a seating area and bar. Also, look at your walls. If you have room, recess the cabinetry or shelving into the walls.
NYC apartment kitchen layouts
5) Use the vertical space. Here we were able to squeeze in perfect vertical storage for spices. Why put in filler when the space is perfectly usable?
Small galley kitchen vertical spice storage
6) Maximize natural light where possible and add adequate lighting. Pendant lights over an island along with under cabinet lighting will add style and ambiance. See our planning resources page for sources.
Apartment kitchen ideas, island lighting
7) Add drawers in unexpected places like sitting areas or toe kicks.
Small modern kitchen apartment bench storage
8) Add specialized cabinet inserts like drawer dividers and pullout corner storage to maximize unusable space.
Kitchen idea corner storage
Kitchen idea drawer dividers
You can see these kitchens in more detail here in our kitchen gallery.

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