Spring is a time for renewal and a perfect opportunity to upgrade the kitchen and home with something fresh for the new season. It is always interesting for us to see what our clients are doing in their kitchens to experience life, create memories, and spend quality time with their friends and families. Here are some ideas…

Make it uniquely your own! When you create the kitchen of your dreams, you will immediately respond to its beauty and weave it into the fabric of everyday life. For us, that means mornings admiring the birds pecking at the feeders outside our kitchen windows while indulging in a latte or a smoothie, some fresh fruit, and bread. The objects we use every day are key to the enjoyment we receive. Our recent addition of a Kuvings juicer fits right into our spring renewal program; it even makes creamy gelato with fresh frozen fruit that is amazing! The unique elements you choose for your kitchen become the backdrop for the memories you create.

upgrade the kitchen cheese accessories

Make it memorable! I recently visited my hometown to see an old friend’s mom. While sipping tea at her kitchen table, I could actually remember what her Chinese pepper steak tasted like over 25 years ago. It felt like home, and all her décor brought back a wave of happy memories. She was the one who inspired me to change out a few select objects in the kitchen each season. Some of these pieces have become family treasures throughout the years, and our kids look forward to my pulling out the bunny planter, our summer rooster, or the fall pumpkin tureen.

upgrade the kitchen white painted finish

Make it grow! Plant an herb or vegetable garden so you can easily cook healthy food that will feed your soul and make you feel alive. We will happily create this potting room for your gardening pleasure. Cabinetry shown here is from our Wood-Mode line.

potting shed

This is on my “to buy” list for this year. I would love a standing height vegetable and herb garden. This one is called Veg Trug.

Make it delicious! Skim through the pages of some new cookbooks, and stock a few specialty ingredients in the pantry. For delicious recipes and gourmet foods that make you look like a cooking superstar.

Make it beautiful! Whether you dine formally or casually, set an elegant table with real linens and fresh flowers. It adds warmth when you gather with family and friends.

Cook and entertain outside! Cooking and entertaining outside has become much more than having a barbecue outside the kitchen door. The outdoor kitchen has evolved into an extended living space with comfortable areas to lounge, dine, cook, and serve. We have designed some wonderful outdoor kitchens for our clients complete with hybrid grills, pizza ovens, weatherproof cabinetry, and outdoor refrigeration. For us, this was a life-changing addition to our home, and spring is a great time to be moving forward on your outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen features our Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet line of appliances and weatherproof cabinetry.

outdoor kitchen

Here’s to spring forward, beautiful weather, fresh tulips in the kitchen, and happy times ahead!

kitchen renovation wood mode custom cabinets

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