For years, we have called the kitchen the “heart” of the home. With 2019’s influx of new kitchen ideas, products, and smart technology, we might as well call it the “brain” of the home as well.  Our kitchen designers are seeing some interesting patterns develop from our Long Island clients’ dream kitchen wish lists. These range from automated smart-kitchen innovations to bold, eccentric design materials. This year’s new products are right in line with what our clients are asking for. Here are nine new kitchen ideas to consider for your home renovation from some of the best kitchen manufacturers and designers in the space.

9 New Kitchen Ideas and Trends for 2019


Idea #1: Dark and Bold Colors With Contrast

Whether in accessories, sinks, faucets, appliances, or cabinetry you’ll see dark and bold color in the design. Contrasting colors offset the hard surfaces that can make a kitchen feel cold. We are using hues in green, blue, dark grey, red, and even black. All are stunning when paired with finishes in white, metal, and wood.

new kitchen ideas dark bold colors in the kitchen
new kitchen ideas dark bold colors in the kitchen
new kitchen ideas dark bold colors
new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks
new kitchen ideas wood mode at kitchen designs Long Island showroom

Appliance manufacturers such as Smeg and Bluestar have a tremendous array of colors to choose from. Mixing cabinet finishes with contrasting design elements and bold colors will continue to trend in 2019.

new kitchen ideas for 2018 - colorful bold appliances for contrast

New Kitchen Ideas #2: Earthly Inspiration

Some clients are asking for inspiring spaces that are grounded with natural elements. Additionally, they seek balance and simplicity, which can be achieved by mixing natural metal patinas, wood, and textures to create a fresh space that brings the outdoors in. Natural neutral colors (greys, whites, creams, browns) will have a home in new kitchen design. For a truly organic space, try adding a living wall, an Urban Cultivator herb refrigerator, or an in-kitchen composting system like the Blanco Solon.

new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks
new kitchen ideas earthy inspiration
Urban Cultivator herb refrigerator…
new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks
Plant pots of herbs on shelves or in a living wall…
new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks
This is the Blanco Solon in counter compost system …

We are all striving to live a little greener, and composting kitchen scraps like egg shells, vegetable peels, juice pulp, or coffee grounds can supply nutrient-rich fertilizer for our gardens and plants while reducing our carbon footprint.

It is fairly easy to incorporate a composting system in the kitchen. You can put a beautiful compost crock directly on your counter, or you can cut a hole into your countertop and install an integrated system that collects all your organic waste below the counter and out of sight. Regardless of the style of bin you choose, the key is placing it in a convenient location in your kitchen so you are more likely to use it. Buy Blanco Solon here.  (Disclosure: Kitchen Designs earns commissions from the products featured in this post.)

new kitchen ideas for 2018 - compost system in counter

New Kitchen Ideas #3: Automated Kitchen & Home Systems

Innovations that allow you to wirelessly communicate with your lights, thermostats, music, fans, shades, smart door locks, and security cameras have allowed us to connect with our homes whether we are in them or not. Now you can connect with your oven, coffee maker, small appliances, and refrigerator.

Imagine looking to see what’s missing from your refrigerator while you are at the supermarket. You won’t need to ask “Am I out of eggs” when you can remotely have a peek inside the refrigerator. Crestron, AMX, and Control 4 have some impressive innovations for your kitchen and home that allow you to connect with ease. I’m still waiting for appliances to prepare a meal for me like the Jetsons, however!

New Kitchen Ideas #4: Voice Controlled Kitchen Faucets

Kohler has updated their Sensate Kitchen Faucet. This smart faucet has voice-activated technology that will turn water on and off on command. It will also dispense the exact amount of water you need for a recipe without waste. Use the KOHLER Konnect app to monitor and track your water usage. You can even receive alerts that will detect unusual usage. If your hands are dirty, you can either tell the faucet to turn on with your voice or motion activate it without ever touching faucet handles.

new kitchen trends 2018 kohler voice controlled faucet
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. See video here…

New Kitchen Ideas #5: Formica® Writable Surfaces

When it comes to new kitchen ideas, Formica added a very fun element. Formica® Writable Surfaces is a collection of extremely smooth writable surfaces for desks, playroom game tables, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The collection includes four markerboard and two chalkboard surfaces that can be used for countertops as well as cabinetry. They also have two stand-alone products that are now being sold on Amazon – SketchTable™ and CreateSlate™

Formica writable surfaces for your new kitchen
The SketchTable™
SketchTable™ is a game and homework table that comes in two sizes (16” and 24” ). The tabletop flips so you have the option to draw on one side with markers and the other side with chalk.
CreateSlate™ is a framed writable surface board that comes in two styles — the LoveWords markerboard or the Black ChalkAble™ chalkboard.

New Kitchen Ideas #6: Sous Vide Cooking

If you’re into sous vide cooking, have a close look at Gaggenau’s Sous Vide and Vacuum Sealer Oven (Model DV461). Their 400 series combi-steam oven has been upgraded with an option to seamlessly install a matching hands-free vacuuming drawer to seal meat, fish, veggies, fruit, and leftovers. It can also be used for sous vide cooking, marinating, and extended storage. The sous vide method involves vacuum sealing food to lock in moisture and cooking food in a water bath at a specific temperature. There are a variety of countertop sous vide appliances and immersion circulators on the market, but this new design keeps the counters clear integrates beautifully into the kitchen wall. See the videos at Gaggenau.

New Kitchen Ideas #7: LED Lighting


Requests for LED lighting in kitchen design has been a strongly climbing kitchen trend. Our Wood-Mode line has a high-tech integrated lighting program featuring Häfele LED solutions that incorporates the best 12 volt, 3rd generation Loox LEDs for customizable, energy efficient, subtle illumination. Our brand’s lighting program was awarded the 30 Most Innovative products by Meridith Corporation’s Beautiful Kitchens and Baths Magazine.

Your kitchen designer can help you select various configurations of LED lighting for your kitchen cabinets. They will help you manage wires, switches, and drivers as part of your installation during the construction phase of your renovation.
new kitchen ideas LED lighting in drawers
At our NY kitchen showroom, the most popular choices among our clients have included: interior cabinet lighting (especially magnificent behind glass doors), drawer and shelf lighting with light bars, open and floating shelves display lighting, toe kick lighting, bath vanity mirror lighting, wardrobe pole lighting, and integrated lighting that switches on and off with sensors when doors open and close. You can also use a programmable remote for switching lighting to your desired ambiance.

New Kitchen Ideas #8: High-Tech Dishwashing

SubZero and Wolf’s new Cove dishwasher has interior illumination and remote mobile user operation. The Cove dishwasher’s high-end details include numerous cycle options and easily adjustable racks with interior basket that can accommodate the size of any utensil, glass, or dish – even a lasagna pan.

Cove Dishwasher by Sub Zero and Wolf - new kitchen ideas for 2018

New Kitchen Ideas #9: Specialty Sinks in Unique Finishes

Sinks with personality are emerging in stainless, porcelain, and natural materials such as copper, quartz, and granite. In addition to farmhouse and under-mount sinks, you’ll see freestanding sink designs and integrated sinks that are made from the same material as the countertop. Specialty sinks will have a variety custom inserts to help you prep, clean, and organize.

new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks

Here are a few new kitchen ideas for 2019 sink styles:

new kitchen ideas for 2018 - specialty sinks
Elkay® Quartz Luxe™ | Native Trails Farmhouse Sink in Copper | Kohler Farmstead Sink in wall-mount with legs or top-mount with custom cabinetry | Blanco Ikon comes in 8 Silgranite colors | Franke Chef Center | Kohler Artist Editions sink in shagreen
Once you compile all your new kitchen ideas, stop by our Long Island kitchen and bath showroom and make an Appt for a free consult with a designer at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, 26 Hillside Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11596 – 516-746-3435.



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