The kitchen is the most used room in the house, so we’ve compiled some kitchen storage ideas that will make yours function amazingly well. Beautiful cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes and lighting are key exterior elements, but be sure to give consideration to what goes inside your cabinets. Interior design details matter! Choose accessories and storage components that will enhance your life in the kitchen and make it extremely functional. The key to storage is efficiently using the available space, and the right storage accessories will make daily life efficient and rewarding. Here are some ideas for customizing your pantry and kitchen storage.

1) Vary the sizes of drawers, pullouts, and shelves to allow the storage to meet your needs. When you can adjust your shelf heights to fit the exact items you are organizing, the cabinet will be much more efficient. Shelves sized for the height of serving platters will keep everything in its place. A row of shallow drawers might be much more functional for you than a cabinet with open shelves. Again, do an analysis of what you need to store while planning the kitchen design. Click images to enlarge.

2) Use apothecary drawers for storing a smaller items like tea bags, coffee k cups, straws, sugar packets, pet treats, and a neat row of tuna cans.

3) Find great canisters! Stylish canisters are always a perfect addition to the countertop or the pantry. Glass jars are a great way to easily see the bin’s contents.

4) Tray dividers are a must. Every kitchen has cupcake trays, cookie sheets, platters, and cutting boards. A cabinet or two with vertical tray dividers is a must have in every kitchen.


Beautiful Inside & Out!

These  are some of our favorites!

5) Use deep drawers for pots. These are especially convenient when your pot drawer is near the kitchen range. Narrower drawers can be used for frying pans.

Pantry and Spice Storage Accessories

6) Use the vertical height to add pantry storage. Vertical storage offers a very creative solution for making use of what would have been wasted space. Vertical height is perfect for spice storage and tall pantry storage.

7) Store wine and bottles in an under-the-counter refrigerator or add a wine rack.

8) Create a designated place to store spices. I particularly like them in a drawer, but spice pullouts are also an excellent option.

9) Use drawer dividers everywhere! I use them in utensil drawers, gadget drawers, serving piece drawers, and drawers for foils and wraps. These can be custom made or you can create your own with these plastic trays from Inter Design Organizers.

10) If you want to store dishes in a drawer, consider the peg system, which makes dishes easier to lift out and prevents scratching into each other. Dish slats are also nice.

11) Use the perimeter of a kitchen island or the end of a cabinet run to add extra storage. Think about easy access and visibility. If items are buried you won’t be able to find anything. The narrow areas are perfect for canned goods, bottles, broths, cereal boxes or even a thin profile step stool.

12) Designate a place to store dishtowels. I love this hidden towel rack that that conceals towels while drying.

13) Add a bread bin to keep your bread fresh… a great solution for storing bread and other baked goods.

14) Showcase your crystal or art glass by using wood shelves with glass inserts. The cabinet lighting will illuminate your pieces yet allow you to look at a wood profile. Love these shelves!

15) Designate a place for your stand mixer. If you aren’t a fan of leaving your mixer out, consider a mixer cabinet if you have room to give up a cabinet.

16) Hide the clutter with an appliance garage. Lift up and tambour cabinets are a nice way keep small appliances concealed for a minimalist look.

17) Organize under the sink. Sink cabinets are always a challenge because of the plumbing underneath. Thankfully Wood Mode and other companies are addressing this with specialty drawers that have a U-shaped cut out that goes around the plumbing. You can also opt for under sink organizers that can keep your sink area tidy.

18) Use creative turnouts for corners and tough to reach places. Dead corners in the kitchen are typically hard to reach so this is a great solution.

19) Store garbage and recycles together in one cabinet.

20) Install taller cabinetry if you have the ceiling height. If you can swing it, use taller kitchen cabinets that are either 42” in height or custom make a taller cabinet exactly to your ceiling height. The higher space is perfect for storing things you use less often.

Photo shown with art glass was from this post. Have a look: “How to change your kitchen decor style.”

Kitchen Storage Ideas

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