We tend to think of canisters in the kitchen only for the basics like the country store canisters above: flour, sugar, coffee, and tea but really the possibilities throughout the kitchen and home are endless! …tea bags, cookies and treats, dog biscuits, nuts & seeds, bath salts, crafts supplies, cotton pads, pens & pencils, sewing supplies, etc… Here are some beautiful storage options and ideas for using canisters around your home.

How about this terrific idea from Kitschy Kitten using chalkboard contact paper, a rectangular sign punch, and glass canister jars.


beautiful canisters


Here is a sampling our designers found from our affiliates — whimsical, botanical, tuscan, modern, antique, copper, colorful, vibrant, and fresh. A set of beautiful canisters is guaranteed to add life to any kitchen counter! …and don’t forget your little beasts (pet beasts) who can have canisters of their own.

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