Wolf SubZero Vacuum Seal Drawer

The Wolf vacuum seal drawer doesn’t just help preserve and portion your food, it can also seal opened wine bottles, infusing oils, and even sealing opened potato chips without crushing them. Vacuum sealing is a packaging method that removes air before sealing, preventing foods from oxidizing and spoiling. This process can significantly extend the time you keep your food taste fresher during storage. The naturally preserving process is healthier, fresher, and baster-tasting.

Chamber Sealing: How It Works

Step 1

1Air is simultaneously removed from the bag and the chamber, preventing negative disruption or overflowing of the bag’s contents.

Step 2

2 When the vacuuming process is complete, the drawer seals the bag’s open edge.

Step 3

3 The unit releases air into the chamber, creating dissimilar pressure environments in and around the bag. Then, the bag collapses around the items being packed.

Subzero Wolf Vacuum Seal Drawer

Vacuum Levels

The vacuum levels range from 0 to 3. Level 0 produces only enough vacuum to close the chamber. this is suitable for packaging items you want to treat delicately. Such as potato chips, popcorn, or berries, or if you want to seal the bag leaving air inside. Vacuum level 3 is recommended for preparation techniques that require total air removal. Such as speed marinating. Level 3 should be used only when the food will not be negatively affected by the compression.

Sealing Levels

Various sealing levels offer flexibility if you plan to vacuum multiple times, or if you are using bags of different thickness. Level 2 is recommended with the bags that accompany the Wolf vacuum seal drawer.

Subzero Wolf Vacuum Seal Drawer - Marinating

What It can do

Dry Ingredients
Preserve the integrity of dry goods, protecting them from the negative impacts of oxygen and oxygen-reliant bacteria.

Individually Quick Frozen
Freezer burns no more, store away the riches of summer and enjoy fresh flavors and texture whenever you wish.

Liquids can be packed and sealed as easily as dry ingredients. The chamber vacuum technology prevents any slippery, sticky messes.

Marinating and Brining
Say goodbye to bland, dry meats and proteins. Flexible marinades and a go-to brine recipe will make dinner a mouthwatering snap.

The Flavor possibilities are nearly endless, whether experimenting with a new twist on your favorite cocktail or adding flavor complexity to a salad dressing.

This technique has been used for hundreds of years to preserve seasonal produce. like infusion, you can pickle just about anything with any flavor you like.

Sous Vide
This reliable preparation of vegetables and steaks is gaining popularity in home kitchens around the world. With this nearly foolproof practice, you can count on succulent results every time.

Other Uses
Find new, out-of-the-box uses for this versatile tool on a daily basis. Protect everything from passports to family heirlooms.

Subzero Wolf Vacuum Seal Drawer - Pickling

Image credits: SubZero Wolf, for more infomation visit subzero-wolf.com

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