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New Telfair and Hartridge Series of Knobs, Pulls and Appliance Pulls from the Ellis Collection

From kitchens and bathrooms to laundry rooms and home offices, Top Knobs decorative hardware continues to shape home design with a range of options to complete the look of any space. With hardware styles that include contemporary, mid-century modern, and vintage this new kitchen cabinet hardware comes in a range of finishes, shapes, and sizes, Top Knobs offers knobs, pulls and appliance pulls to match nearly every style and decor.

Artfully Crafted Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Known for their extensive line of artfully crafted decorative hardware, Top Knobs expands their offerings even further with the introduction of the Telfair and Hartridge series of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls. As part of the new Ellis CollectionTelfair and Hartridge embody timeless design reimagined for today’s homeowners. Each new piece offers a modernized version of classical Georgian artistry, allowing designers and homeowners to exude hospitality through their interior designs.

Love These Rectangular Shapes

Heavily influenced by the enchanting architecture found in the historic neighborhoods of Savannah, GA, Telfair and Hartridge bring a chic and elegant aesthetic to interiors. The rectangular shape and curved edges of the Telfair series are reminiscent of Savannah’s Federal styled homes while the smooth surface and rounded features of the Hartridge series emulate traits most notable in the Romanesque architecture found in Savannah.
Top Knobs Stainless Steel
Top Knobs Brass Pull
Top Knobs Matte Black
Top Knobs Gold

The Davenport, Ellis and Julian Series, a Stunning Trifecta of Decorative Hardware

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative hardware completes its Ellis Collection with the introduction of Davenport, Ellis and Julian, three new series of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls. 

Each new series is distinctly unique, yet deeply rooted in the timeless designs that inspired the Ellis Collection. Davenport, Ellis and Julian feature decadent details reminiscent of southern architecture lending to a chic and elegant aesthetic.

We think you will love this collection. Call us to see it at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, 516-746-3435

Top Knobs Gold Pull, White Kitchen

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