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A functional kitchen needs well-organized storage space to keep everything tidy and enjoyable to use. We would like to share some of the best kitchen cabinet storage ideas we have used in recent projects that our clients love. These clever kitchen storage ideas will make your kitchen function amazingly well. It is important to get the most you can out of the available space, so the planning and design stages of your kitchen renovation is crucial. We never want an ounce of wasted space. Every inch must be utilized to serve you so everything easily fits where you need it! The storage choices you select now will make daily life efficient and rewarding in the future.

Roll-out Pantry

A roll-out pantry can maximize storage space and make the entire pantry cabinet more accessible. It is a must have for storing cans, spices, and pantry food items. These space-saver cabinets are a perfect way to keep everything organized. We loved how one of our clients organized this pantry by color (green items together, red items together, whites/yellows together, etc). It’s interesting, and it works for their family!

Pull-out Waste Bin

Every kitchen needs a place to dispose garbage near the sink area. Having a pull-out waste bin (or two) gives your kitchen extra floor space by hiding away the old fashioned trash can in the corner. This pull-out style makes it very easy to remove and clean the trash bins. We typically use double trash drawers that can easily accommodate your recycling needs for sorting into multiple sections. 

Knife Block Drawer Insert

If you have a single place where all your kitchen knives go, then no one will be hunting around the kitchen for their favorite knife.  If room allows, it is so nice to get knives off the counter or wall, and a well organized knife block can both maintain the knife’s edge and protect one’s hand from a messy drawer full of sharp edges. 

Blind Corner Cabinet Drawer

Most kitchens will have a corner spot where a lot of wasted space happens. Blind corner cabinet solutions make accessing your far-to-reach corner space in the kitchen more efficient. This pull out “magic corner” cabinet fully utilizes the space and the operating mechanism is smooth and quick. You will not have to get on your knees to unload everything to reach something in the back any more.

Vertical Tray Dividers

Dividers offer maximum storage and easy of access for large plates, muffin tins, baking sheets, cake pans, cutting boards, and serving trays. Instend of stacking them on top of each other and wrestling to pull out the one you need, having them lay vertically is as simple as pulling a book off a bookshelf. This one is a must-have for any kitchen.


Under Sink Storage

You will never struggle with an under sink cabinet mess with sink storage like this. Talk with your designer about what you tend to store under the sink, and we will come up with the perfect solution for you.

Spice Organization

An organized spice cabinet will make cooking a joy, and with all your spices in one place, you can easily find what you need. One of the chores we gave to our kids when they were little was to keep the spices alphabetized with labels up so we could reach for them with a quick glance.  

Appliance Garage

Sometimes small kitchen appliances can be hard to store. Clients want them easily accessible but do not want to look at them all the time. We have some clients that do not want to see their appliances on the counter at all. For them, an appliance garage is the perfect choice. There are many ways to get creative with how to best create this type of cabinet. Talk with your designer. 516-746-3435

This appliance garage is built to seamlessly match the custom cabinetry. It was perfect for hiding the coffee machine. You can see more photos here.

Keeping your kitchen essentials organized will make it easier for you to find exactly what you need when you need it. Come and visit our showroom to see these storage options. If you have any questions, our kitchen designers can help you select the perfect storage solutions for your kitchen. Visit Kitchen Designs today. 516-746-3435

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