Laundry Room Design Plan

When planning a new laundry room, we have some helpful design advice and inspiration to create a functional and efficient space. Think about how much time you spend doing laundry over the course of your life, and maybe you will want to rethink the laundry area design and location when it comes time to renovate. Many of our clients are opting for fully appointed laundry rooms and are moving them from the basement to first floor-mudrooms or closer to the source of where most of the laundry originates, such as the bedroom areas. If you have space for a dedicated laundry/utility room, it can also become an efficient multipurpose room for several household tasks. Some of the laundry rooms we have created include pet washing areas, craft stations, cubbies for sporting equipment and backpacks, and cabinetry with plenty of storage for organizing everything.

Have Fun With Colors and Room Design

Have some fun with the design. The laundry room is a place where you can add some character with bold colors or a unique design. One client asked us to make a custom “cat” cutout where she could store her litterbox. We took it a step further and vented the area to the outside to eliminate the odor from the litterbox.

Laundry Room Layout Ideas

When planning the layout of the laundry room space, include as much cabinetry as possible for ample storage, a countertop folding area, good room lighting, and ideally a hanging area, a hamper area, a sink, and maybe some open shelves.  You will want plenty of storage for accessories, linens, hampers, detergents, and cleaning supplies. An ideal laundry room includes room to fold clothes, iron, and store sewing and craft supplies for true convenience. Larger families often opt for a double set of washers and dryers. We also offer retractable clothes lines and hide-away ironing boards that are built into the cabinetry and then stored when not in use.

Craft Room Layouts in the Laundry Room

A craft area in the laundry room might be the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to contain your household’s creativity in a neat and organized way. Building a crafting and sewing station into the laundry room is ideal if you have the space. This design features our pull out desk, which can be left open if you are in the middle of a project or tucked away to save floor space.

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