After my recent visit to the Sub-Zero / Wolf factory, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the NEW “M” Series ovens. I already love their “L & E” series ovens but the new “M” series ovens have so much more to offer.

  • Two vertical style convection fans which give more interior room to cook. Placing the vertical fans in the back left & right corners gave them the ability to enlarge the interior racks by curving the racks in the back. Now you can cook a 16” round pizza comfortably.
  • Each chamber has 3 racks. Two racks have the capability of extending fully out, which makes basting so much easier, and the third rack is your standard oven rack.
  • The heating element is hidden.
  • Three interior oven lights, one on each side of the oven (left & right) are purposely staggered so they light up each rack evenly. In addition, one light at the top, back section of the oven is angled to distribute the light evenly.
  • Sub-Zero Wolf offers three different oven design styles for collaborating with different kitchen design ideas. First is your traditional looking oven with red knobs (shown below bottom row #2), which can be installed flush with your cabinetry design. The second oven is a contemporary design, which has a flush, sleek look and NO HANDLES (shown below bottom row #4 and in kitchen photo above). This oven features a touch door that when slightly pushed, gently opens the door with ease due to the cushion opening hydraulic hinges.The third is their transitional oven which is a cross between the contemporary style and the pro line (shown below bottom row #3).
  • They are also re-introducing a 27” model which will be available in the transitional version and the contemporary versions only.



The best thing about these new ovens is the technology. They feature a new built-in cooking mode that will tell you which rack to actually cook your food on and the best temperature to set your oven at for that particular item.

In addition to the above SubZero Wolf is converting their existing 36” single wall oven to the same height chamber as their 30” ovens. In the past, the chamber heights were much smaller. See Sub-Zero Wolf’s new product release calendar here.




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