Recently we attended a kitchen design seminar in NY and learned more about “The Galley Sink”. This sink design would actually make me want to do the dishes especially when it is so easy to add a few helpers. Here’s what Jen had to say…

As a big fan of the Food Network, I am a firm believer in Alton Brown’s motto, “the only uni-tasker in a kitchen should be the fire extinguisher.” For example, a microplane rasp grater is one utensil, but it can be used to grate cheeses, spices, garlic, etc. Having this item in your kitchen is much more practical than having a box cheese grater, a garlic press, a spice grinder, and a lemon zester. What if your sink could become a multi-tasker in your kitchen? Enter the Galley Sink — not just a sink, but truly a workstation for your kitchen. The Galley Sink transforms your normal kitchen sink into a cutting board, colander, and drain rack. It also adds an ample amount of prep space and plenty of room for multiple users. The Galley Sink comes in five designated sizes, but it can also be custom made into any size you need. The two tier design allows for a smooth flow between sliding cutting boards and stainless steel prep bowls.


The Galley Sink


The Galley Sink has plenty of interesting accessory options that allow for entertaining, such as a wooden cheese board and a condiment pallet with removable stainless containers to turn your sink into a place where you can set up your very own taco bar! There is even an outdoor Galley Sink to handle all of your barbequing needs.

I would highly recommend viewing their video’s so you can see how much of a multi-tasker it truly is!


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