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Shown here are the fabulous (and comfortable) Emeco Navy® chairs and stools.  They are enduring, timeless, hand welded and hand brushed for a warm uniform finish. Weld lines are natural and always visible and can range from very light to slightly darker than the adjoining aluminum surface. All Emeco furniture will exhibit slight variations of handcraft, which I find appealing about these unique pieces. The chairs and stools are built individually by a handful of craftsmen, 77 painstaking steps at a time.

chairs and stools

The Navy chair was first introduced in 1944. It is versatile and clever enough for pairing with a range of kitchen design styles from warm woods to cool glass and metal and work well in both transitional and modern kitchens. These chairs are available with or without arms, in hand brushed or hand polished finish at You can even have a matching child’s chair scaled down for the little ones. The chairs come with a lifetime warranty.

chairs and stools

Shown above is the 111 Navy® Chair. It is made from 111 recycled Coke bottles and is the result of a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Emeco. Designed to keep thousands of Coke bottles from entering landfills, the 111 Navy® Chair combines ingenuity and environmental awareness with classic design. It is available in six colors: Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon and Charcoal. Three of the colors (Red, Snow White, and Flint Gray) are suitable for outdoors… a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. The new chair has a distinctive, “velvet” finish that is scratch resistant. The new chair passes California and UK Fire Codes, along with BIFMA structural testing for commercial use.

Emeco Navy Chair Specifications — Dimensions: Without Arms H 34″ W 16.3″ D 19.5″ SH 18″; With Arms W 20.75″ D 19.5″ H 34″ SH 18″

Navy Child’s Chair Specifications — Dimensions: H 29.5″ W 16.5″ D 19.5″ SH 13.5″

Navy Counter Stool Specifications — Dimensions: Without Arms H 37″ W 16.8″ D 19.5″ SH 24″; With Arms H 37″ W 20.8″ D 19.5″ SH 24″ AH 33.3″

Navy Bar Stool Specifications — Dimensions: Without Arms H 43″ W 18″ D 21.3″ SH 30″; With Arms H 43″ W 20.8″ D 21.3″ SH 30″ AH 39.3″

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