The Art of an Amazing Cup of Coffee





Last summer, I met some girlfriends in the city for dinner, and when it was time for dessert, I ordered my usual decaf cappuccino. The waiter said he had a surprise for me as he placed my cup of coffee in front of me. To my amazement, the barista swirled a silhouette in the cinnamon and foam that looked remarkably like me. I never saw such a thing in my life. I told Ken about it the next morning, and I guess the designer in him felt a bit competitive because he disappeared to the kitchen and came back to the bedroom with his version below (which made me laugh).


Now, almost a year later, I stumbled on the work of Mike Breach’s Tumbler account “Baristart”. Be sure to stop by and see all his wondrous designs! Although I do not know whether he was the barista that created my wonderful cup of coffee, it is clear that his artistry is just incredible.

If you want to be your own coffee barista at home, see this post about Top Brewer’s revolutionary coffee spout built into your own counter. If you’d like to master the art of the “heart” have a look at this “how to” video here:

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