Revolutionary iPhone Coffee Faucet Dispenses Hot and Cold Beverages Photo Collage

Be your own barista with a tap and an app with this award-winning luxury under-counter coffee and beverage center. I made myself a hot cappuccino with this unit at the Architectural Digest Home Show this weekend, and it was VERY cool… I mean hot… Well, it was cool and hot because this elegant tap combines both hot and cold drinks in one single tap. All you see from the countertop is the faucet spout, and with a tap on your smartphone or tablet, the TopBrewer brews your favorite customized coffee drink (including frothed milk) using freshly ground beans. It is also capable of dispensing juice, flat water, sparkling water, hot water for tea, and hot chocolate all from one spigot!

I loved the  simplicity of its Danish design. What a unique way to make coffee and save counter space. All the components fit into a 24-inch kitchen cabinet below. With your app, you can customize your drink to the perfect size and temperature and save your favorite settings.

The faucet is fully height adjustable and rotational. You can raise and lower the arc to match the size of your coffee cup whether it be a small espresso or a large carafe. The inside faucet is isolated to ensure that the liquid maintains its temperature, and after every drink the whole system is flushed with water to keep your next drink tasting perfect.

Add this unit to your kitchen for:

  • tea water on demand (instant hot)
  • still and sparkling water
  • perfectly frothed milk
  • creamy hot chocolate

See the video below. You can also learn more at

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