Summer Kitchen Hacks

10 Summer Kitchen Hacks

Any tips that can make our lives easier are welcome in our kitchen! The summer heat encourages quick and easy cooking without the hassle, so we found some easy summer kitchen hacks to give you more relaxation time this season.

1. Easy Banana “Ice Cream”

Blended frozen bananas can make a sweet, healthy substitute for ice cream! Throw in some peanut butter or chocolate chips for an extra treat.

2. Braise in Your Slow Cooker.

Avoid turning on your oven/stovetop in sweltering conditions! Instead, use a slow cooker for pork or ribs.

3. Ice Cream Too Hard to Scoop?

If your ice cream is over-frozen, impossible to scoop, and you just can’t wait… this trick shows you how to use a heated knife to easily get it out!

4. Grilling Hacks.

We’ll be grilling all summer, and this video has some fantastic hacks for maintaining your grill.

5. Quickly Shuck a Strawberry.

With just a straw, you can easily remove the stem off of your strawberry (without a ton of waste).

6. Stylish Rattan Serving Pieces.

Calaisio is known for its hand woven fine baskets and trays by artisans, who live and work in remote villages in the South Pacific.

7. Easy Frozen Yogurt Pops.

For a quick breakfast on the go or a dessert without the high sugar count, pop a popsicle stick into your favorite yogurt, and freeze!

8. Creative Jello-Treats.

Perfect for children’s parties, freezing your Jell-O in orange peels makes an easy display and clean-up! Kids love to eat these “orange slice” Jell-O treats.

9. Hot Dog Tricks.

A BBQ favorite, hot dogs can be a little tricky to grill perfectly. This video has all of the tips you need.

10. No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie!

If you’re resisting turning on the over in the heat, but need to make a treat for a potluck, try this delicious “no heat” peanut butter pie recipe!

Do you have a great “hack” that isn’t on our list? Tweet them at @kitchendsns_com! For more kitchen hacks, check out this article.

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