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Kitchen Shortcuts You’ll Love

We love learning about new shortcuts for making our lives easier in the kitchen. With all of the creative minds online, the Internet has become an amazing place to find kitchen hacks. Here are 12 fantastic cooking hacks that we discovered recently on youTube:

1. How to peel several hard boiled eggs at the same time!

Did you know you could easily peel a pot of hard boiled eggs by shaking them after they’re drained?

2. Aerate wine with this blender or pitcher trick.

If you didn’t plan ahead and aerate your wine, use the pitcher or blender technique to quickly prepare and serve wine to guests!

3. Make a non drippy ice pack.

We love this lunchbox ice pack hack! Just freeze a wet sponge and place it in a Ziploc for mess-free ice packs. Genius.

4. Quickly peel ginger with a spoon.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to skin ginger this way. Scraping the root with a spoon gets into all the nooks and crannies without wasting a bit of ginger.

5. Keep bugs out of your drink with cupcake papers.

If you’re enjoying a drink outside, this drink cover will keep pesky flies away. Use a coffee filter for pitchers.

6. Waffle irons aren’t just for waffles.

Whether you make hash browns, paninis, scrambled eggs, or brownies, your waffle iron is way more versatile than you think! I just made a vegetable omelette that came out amazing. I bought a WaringPro double Belgian waffle maker after seeing it at a hotel and love that it makes two at a time.

7. Peel potato wedges using an apple corer.

Want the perfect potato wedges? Use your apple corer to make potato wedges. You can even microwave them a bit to soften.

8. Make soft tortillas into hard shells using a microwave.

If your family is split between hard and soft shell taco preference, this trick can put an end to the debate.

9. Keep your bananas from going brown.

If you wrap the crown (where the stems meet) in plastic wrap, your bananas will stay fresh for longer. Who knew?

10. Grab and go salad in a jar!

Fresh salad in a jar look beautiful in the fridge, and it lures you to make a much healthier snack choice. Putting the dressing in first at the bottom is genius! Try grapes in a jar too.

11. Amazingly quick way to peel boiled potatoes!

This is an easy trick for peeling potatoes without a peeler. It is the perfect solution when making mashed potatoes.

12. No more watered down iced drinks!

Whether it’s coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or yes, wine, making cubes out of your beverage of choice will keep you from watering it down. We also love the idea of using muffin tins to freeze larger pitcher-sized cubes! Add a lemon or fruit to the large cubes for the perfect iced tea companion.

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