Would you like to…

  • Know the secret to get that perfect crackling crust on boules and baguettes?
  • “Sauté” vegetables with beautiful caramelization without adding a drop of fat?
  • Bake, roast, and “fry” without oil?
  • Brown meats to perfection?
  • Sauté, boil, and simmer, as on a cooktop?
  • Place a dozen eggs in the oven, carton and all, press a button and in minutes have hard-boiled eggs?

If YES, then meet one of the best new appliances introduced in 2012. The Wolf Convection Steam Oven is one healthy way to cook. Cooking with steam helps food maintain a higher vitamin content preserving its nutrition, color, and taste while sealing in its natural juices.

The unit allows you to cook healthy, delicious meals with ease combining the power of steam and convection technology. Its advanced technology will sense the amount, size, and shape of food and while cooking and monitor the time and temperature automatically.  It will actually sense the moisture content of the food and make adjustments automatically for the perfect meal. You can fully automate and customize cooking for particular foods and regular recipes. If you have a set time you know you want dinner ready, you can select “Slow Roast” and tell the oven what time you want to serve the meal. The oven will program itself to finish at that precise moment. The digital control panel is easy to use and the interior is brightly lit with halogen lighting. The unit’s interior capacity of 51 liters (1.8 cubic feet) is significantly larger than most steam ovens — you can easily roast a 15-pound turkey.

Design-wise… the oven offers very clean, elegant lines and works well with the L- and E-series ovens. You can install it standard or flush and with trim molding to match. The Wolf Convection Steam Oven installs without plumbing and has a removable, easily accessible water tank. You can replenish the water supply at any time without interrupting the cooking cycle. Read More by visiting Sub-Zero Wolf
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