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Decorating Ideas for Open Shelving

Looking for ideas on how to style open shelves? Designers have a unique way of making shelves look amazing. Do an image search on how to style open shelves on the Internet. You’ll find plenty of inspiration. Open shelves are the perfect place to display your family treasures and add some seasonal color to a space. Rearranging your shelves can be a fun winter project, but it may take some playing around with to create a design you love. Look throughout your house for objects you already have. You’ll be surprised how something hidden in a kitchen cabinet might look beautiful on an open shelf. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Declutter

The first thing you want to do is remove everything from the shelves. Start by giving away anything you don’t absolutely love. When you put things back in, you will want to leave some air space between items. Maybe even place one object by itself in the center of the shelf to keep things uncluttered.

Home Office Design Ideas

2. Layer Items

Mix the proportions if you have items that are different sizes. Tall and short accessories make things interesting. Books can be placed vertically and horizontally. If you stack them, try placing a small object on top of the book stack.

3. Mix Materials

Texture makes any room come alive. Try mixing glass, wood, metal, and pottery. Add something funny or unexpected to show your personality. I love the way the giraffe looks next to the stack of books in the photo above on the white wall unit.

4. Add Color

Look at the colors in the rest of the space and add some accessories or books in the same hues to balance the room. Include a little seasonal color too. A silver vase with red flowers and greenery will bring some holiday cheer. .

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