Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Blanco Party Sink Cutting Board

Blanco Sinks

For someone that likes to entertain, this is a great new sink featured at KBIS. This innovative “sink in the round” is Blanco’s award-winning RONIS sink, which combines stainless steel with glass.

Perfect for parties, the accessory tray floats along the inside rim of the sink, and the glass cutting board with non-slip rubber feet gives you a bridge to slice, dice, and slide your goodies right into the round stainless steel serving bowls. These integrated accessories rotate in a complete 360-degree circle for perfect food preparation. The dual-functioning accessories are beautiful serving pieces outside the sink.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Blanco Sink in the Round Party Cutting Board

The RONIS gives you a little more depth and functionality than your average bar sink and is actually large enough to be the actual everyday sink in a small apartment. Its size and functionality save countertop space when prepping for dinner or a party.

MicroEdge technology gives the sink a seamless, flush mount look and can be installed over virtually any counter material in less time for less money. Of course, it can also be installed as a traditional flush mounted sink by an experienced solid surface fabricator.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Party Sink Cutting Board

Details:  Bowl Depth is 6-5/8″, Required Outside Cabinet: 24″, Cutout Size: 20-1/4″

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Blanco Party Sink Cutting Board

Blanco can be purchased at our Long Island kitchen showroom or your local plumbing supply.

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