Designing with Bentwood luxury kitchen cabinetry gives us the ability to offer you the highest level of customization and apply it to every aspect of your kitchen, including the finish color. Their finishing department works diligently to give you the custom color you desire. We especially love the Strata finish and are very excited about their new Hand Painted, Brush Stroke finish. The hand painted finish that actually shows the grain/brush strokes that would be created as if it was painted by hand with a paintbrush. What’s fabulous about this is you get an authentic hand-painted old-world look, but you get it with a finish that has a catalyzed varnish incredibly durable, painted in a dust free environment (vs painted on a job site where there is little to no quality control). The catalyst in the varnish makes the finish hard enough so it is durable, doesn’t come apart, and is impervious to most household chemicals including acetone. We tested this finish in our showroom with a Sharpie pen and cleaned it with acetone — the acetone did not erode or change the finish at all. The benefit of these new techniques is that they all come with a factory finish (catalyzed and durable). Read our very important article about factory finish vs job site finish here.

Below is an elegant kitchen design in Bentwood Cabinetry. The clean and simple lines of this kitchen gracefully combine light and dark, with curved and linear. If you love the look of mixing materials in a transitional kitchen design, talk with your kitchen designer. They will be able to lead you through the process, giving you the best kitchen design that is aesthetically beautiful, and well-planned within your budget.

luxury kitchen

luxury kitchen   luxury kitchen


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