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Ken Kelly measuring a kitchen project in Southampton - Long Island, NY

Southampton – Long Island Kitchen – Ken Kelly, professional designer, measuring a kitchen project to perfection!

You will spend most of your time in the kitchen, and its design should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A professional kitchen designer will bring VALUE to the table. If your budget is tight, you will get more by working with a professional designer who will design your kitchen with higher quality products, give you the best kitchen design for your space, and provide you with more options and functional kitchen features.




5 Things to think about…




1) Good planning,  good design, and better quality products will actually save you money and time. Hiring the right kitchen designer from the beginning and getting the project done the right way will ensure that your kitchen remodeling project runs on schedule and comes together seamlessly within your budget. A kitchen remodeling project is quite complex, and design and selection decisions are numerous. A kitchen expert will think of every design detail so you won’t spend your budget inappropriately. Also, a new kitchen offers the largest percentage of return on investment — kitchens sell homes. In fact, when our Long Island clients sell their homes, the realtor ad states “the home has a Ken Kelly kitchen.”  (We are always amused by that – but keep in mind we have five amazing designers that all share that credit even though the name on the door says Ken Kelly.)




2) Buy quality cabinetry. I just met a salesperson in local boutique who asked me about redoing his kitchen, which is only 5 years old! He said he is very disappointed that his cabinetry didn’t hold up and the layout didn’t function well.  Was his decision to go with the cheaper cabinets 5 years ago really less expensive? He is going to wind up spending more now than he would have if he just planned better and bought right the first time. Kitchen cabinets and the craftsmanship with which they are made are critically important factors when you’re looking for the best value.




3) It is not just about cabinetry; it is about creating an environment that matches your family’s lifestyle. Anyone can sell you cabinets. The artistry is in the zillion details the designer thinks about in order to create an extraordinary aesthetic within the  limit of your budget. Do you strictly want the room filled with boxes at a cheap price or do you truly want the very best use of those inches designed in the very best gorgeous and most functional way?  See our post about this called, “A Real Kitchen Remodeling Budget: Trust Your Kitchen Designer.”




4) A cabinet salesperson is not the same as a kitchen designer. It is a huge mistake to forgo design services for a cheaper price cabinet.  You want a designer to review your kitchen plan, discuss appliance options, help prioritize your budget and not just figure out how many cabinets you can cram into the space. A designer makes sure that all components are engineered to fit and function well.




5) A professional designer stays with you throughout the project and manages all the details  during the design and ordering phase right through the complicated  installation process. For example at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly (CKD, CBD, CR – certified kitchen designer, certified bath designer, certified remodeler), we provide a  start-to-finish experience.  Our team oversees every aspect of your project including all the general contracting, tradespeople, schedules, and project details to ensure a seamless installation. If you choose a delivery only option because your doing it yourself or you are working with a contractor, Kitchen Designs provides oversight help for you (or your contractor) about specific details. If you’re doing it yourself, we are even willing to come out and do a before cabinet installation inspection to be sure all your plumbing, electrical, lighting, air conditioning, and heat are in the right spot.

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