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Decorating the kitchen can really spice up your kitchen design and give it the personal touch that makes it yours. Enhancing your kitchen with a few decorative elements can transform the space, but you might be saying, “I have no idea what to pick out or what is right for my kitchen space.” When it comes to kitchen art and decor, here are a few simple ideas and inspiring photos. 

Less is More

If you are having trouble deciding, you can pick something that is bold in color. Color plays an important role in decorating the kitchen, especially for those kitchens that are tone-on-tone, black and white, or highly neutral. Picking elements that are bold and bright will surely make the space “pop” and become more lively. Simple flowers in a mason jar or vase are often the perfect solution. Try a grouping of flowers set on a small tray in the center of the table. You can even lay the tray on an embroidered or crocheted runner underneath. Adding a candle or two to the tray is also a nice touch. Seasonal florals always fill the heart.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

When you are shopping or browsing through antique stores, look for unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces for your space. These often add a distinctive touch to the design and establish a feel to the space in an atmosphere that uniquely represents your personality. I happen to love a touch of the unexpected in the kitchen. Try mixing opposites, and combining modern with traditional, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. Blur the lines and have fun turning your house into a home.

Art on the Walls

I love art anywhere in the home, but particularly in the kitchen. Art has a way of affecting our psyche and our hearts. An inspiring piece of art can become the focal element of your kitchen, and you may even want to arrange your furniture layout or add specific color to the design based on the piece of art. You build color and texture with the elements you choose.

Sculptural Elements – Three Dimensional Art

Sometimes there is a story behind the purchase of an art sculpture, ceramic piece, or antique. We love when clients encorporate these pieces into our design work because it uniquely tells their story while bringing them tremendous enjoyment while living in the kitchens we design. In the first photo, our clients displayed a series of three bronze dancers on top of their range hood. 

Objects & Artifacts

When adding objects of art try candlesticks, candelabras, pottery, wood, sculptures and statues. Filled apothecary jars are another inexpensive way to add texture and dimension. Wooden bowls, cutting boards, or baskets always make the kitchen cozy whether or not your kitchen design is completely modern or formal traditional.

How perfect is this simple spice caddy alongside the cooktop and hanging utensils within reach off a railing system. 

Cultural Elements

This client incorporated “Feng Shui”design giving the space a spiritual vibe to balance flow of good energy. The custom wood panels that flank the kitchen entrance are inspired by the curves of an ancient Chinese coin fusing the client’s Chinese culture into the design. Read more here.

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