Two years ago, the homeowner visited the Kitchen Designs showroom after viewing Senior Designer, Shan Chang’s portfolio. Shan’s client wanted to have a very unique kitchen that incorporated a fusion with her Chinese culture. She also wanted to maximize the space to comfortably accommodate a minimum of four people.

As a professional designer, Shan incorporated “Feng Shui” — a spiritual vibe that gives a balanced flow of good energy. Knowing that her client was open to the interpretation, she included circular and curved elements in her design. These elements represent family, success, and fulfillment in the cultural aspect of “Feng-Shui”.

Shan believes that the kitchen is the heart of a house. It embodies togetherness and family. Three integral elements of Shan’s designs are the functionality of the space, good traffic flow, and ease of maintenance. To accomplish the vision for this space, Shan began to mold and customize every corner of the room, allowing it to immerse its very own authenticity in her design. She utilized the center backsplash and the Thassos marble frame, as well as the specially selected and custom fabricated Brittanica from Cambria surfaces to enhance the design. The marbling in the backsplash replicates the ancient art of “Chinese Water Mountain Calligraphy.” The effect created a beautiful focal point. The pattern of the screen was inspired by the ancient Chinese coin.

This classic kitchen uses the Sonoma door style in satin white along the perimeter in our Ken Kelly Signature Collection of custom cabinetry. The island is comprised of the Pasadena door style with a finish in shadow grey from our custom Wood-Mode/Brookhaven Line. The color combinations used display a western perspective bright kitchen while embracing many elements from the ancient Chinese culture, thus creating, “Eastern and Western Harmony.”

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