Thrift Shop Teapot traditional kitchen

Beautiful kitchen kettles are just one of the many decorative and functional items that can add pizzazz and charm to your kitchen and home. The Internet is great for finding fantastic ideas for your home, especially sites like Instagram and Pinterest (be sure to follow our pages in the links at the far top of our page or in the footer)

I’ve seen people use kitchen teapots in many ways other than the obvious. Kitchen kettles can be small or large and can hold pencils, hair accessories, silverware, flowers, office supplies, art supplies and more. We have also seen clients use them to store teabags, corn skewers, and wine charms. We once built a custom display cabinet for a client who had a collection of teapots. I am a loose tea lover, and one of my favorite gifts ever was a personal teapot from a friend. You can also get creative and use an eclectic mix of teapots as a canister set — what a great way to add a dash of color to the kitchen!



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