Orange in the Kitchen

Have fun in the kitchen this Halloween and bring some smiles and laughs. Here are a few spooky treats you can make this year from eyeball avocado toast to pigs in a blanket mummy wraps. Try these!


Spooky Eyeballs Avocado Toast

Halloween Treats Eyeballs Avocado Toast

We love our avocado toast recipe. Try it here. To make the eyeballs, add either a slice of mozarella, goat cheese, or an egg white and place a black olive in the center. Surprise your loved ones for a good laugh.


Mummy Pigs in a Blanket

Halloween Treats Mummy hot dogs

To make these easy, buy Pillsbury crescent rolls and roll the wedges together into a square. Then cut slivers of dough to wrap around your hot dogs. Buy some candy eyeballs or use a couple dots of ketchup or mustard to make the eyes.


Banana Ghosts & Clementine Pumpkins

Halloween Treats - Spooky Banana ghost & Orange pumpkin

These are so easy to make and are a standard tradition at our house. Press chocolate chips into half bananas and arrange on a plate. For the pumpkins, place a small slice of celery or zucchini into the center of a clementine.


Mummy Pizza

Halloween Treats mini pizza toast

If you want to make this super easy, buy frozen mini pizzas. Place slivers of american or cheddar cheese to turn them into mummies, and use two sliced pearl olives for the eyes. We’ve also made these on toast. Use ketchup or tomato sauce behind the cheese for the blood.


Spider Cupcakes

Halloween Treats Spider chocolate cupcake

These are so much fun to make with kids. They are perfect for a school Halloween party. First, make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. Dip the iced cupcake into a bowl of chocolate sprinkles. Use red or black string licorice for the legs. Use candy eyeballs, red hots, or M&Ms for the eyes. 

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Happy Halloween!


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