pepper mill


Pepper Mill by Fletchers

A pepper mill for that coastal kitchen perhaps? These 9″ gourmet pepper mills from Fletcher’s are endearing and come in several different looks:  white with red top, and white with black top, and natural maple. They are hand crafted in New Vineyard, Maine and have a patented lock and grinding system so you can choose from fine to coarse grinds. I love the design of this pepper mill so much, and the quality is amazing!

About Fletchers’ Mill’s: Their salt and pepper mills are handcrafted in the United States in Maine and come in a variety of colors, wood finishes, shapes, and sizes. They are built to last whether you are a professional or home chef. The Lighthouse Series of Mills are  6″ tall and come in white with either a red, white, or blue top. You can also opt for a solid maple pepper mill and/or salt shaker. Perfect for your beach house kitchen.


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