Elkay Filtered Water Dispenser Black

You can embark on healthy hydrating with this new water dispenser! Elkay’s ezH2O® Liv™ is a built-in filtered water station design engineered specifically for the home. It can seamlessly fit any space because its dimensions fit perfectly between two standard wall studs. This water dispenser uses their WaterSentry® Plus residential carbon block filter with a polypropylene prefilter that is rated to NSF 42 and 53 for lead, class 1 particulate, chlorine, taste and odor reduction. See it in this video.

You may have seen these water dispensers at your local gym but their latest design is specifically for the home. The unit can be added to any room and is ideal for the kitchen, mudroom, or entertainment room. It comes in glass black and brushed stainless steel finishes.

This product will eliminate the need for those heavy 5-gallon water bottles and can help the environment by eliminating single-use plastic water bottles simply by switching to refillable bottles. Water can be served at room temperature or cooled. The bottle-filling mechanism is hands free and is operated by a sensor that has an automatic timed shut off to prevent spills.

The filter lasts for approximately 750 gallons before needing to be replaced, which is about once a year, and the filter status lights will conveniently let you know the status of when your filter needs changing. In addition, there is a backlit LED ticker that counts out the number of water bottles saved from the earth. Talk about a “feel good” investment.

To read more about this appliance visit Elkay ezH2O® Liv™

Laundry Room Layout Ideas

When planning the layout of the laundry room space, include as much cabinetry as possible for ample storage, a countertop folding area, good room lighting, and ideally a hanging area, a hamper area, a sink, and maybe some open shelves.  You will want plenty of storage for accessories, linens, hampers, detergents, and cleaning supplies. An ideal laundry room includes room to fold clothes, iron, and store sewing and craft supplies for true convenience. Larger families often opt for a double set of washers and dryers. We also offer retractable clothes lines and hide-away ironing boards that are built into the cabinetry and then stored when not in use.

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