What better way to reflect your kitchen’s individuality, than to give your kitchen a dash of brilliant color. Color could be introduced into your kitchen accessories, fabrics, walls, cabinetry, countertops, or backsplashes. Something as simple as painting the walls or adding a colorful rug can change the entire look of a neutral kitchen.  Whether you are doing a seasonal kitchen update or a total kitchen renovation, here are some of the best ideas for adding color to your kitchen.

1. Add a splash of unexpected, brilliant color in the cabinetry. The modern kitchen photographs below are from our recent trip to Living Kitchen in Germany where Nolte showcased this color-blocking concept well. The royal blue cabinetry is from our Allmilmo line (a very hot color this year). Notice how the prairie green kitchen island cabinetry makes this neutral Ken Kelly kitchen “pop.” (We designed this using Wood Mode cabinetry)

design trends
1. Chive 8-Tube Vase | 2. Staub Lemon Cocotte | 3. iittala – Origo Serving Bowl | 4. Artland Aldrich Purple Glasses 


2. Contrast dark cabinetry with bold color: (left to right) In the Allmilmo kitchen below, notice how the greenery offers striking contrast against the black cabinetry. In the Bentwood French Country kitchen, the planter of green artichokes, coral tea towels, copper pots, and red Wolf oven knobs add instant warmth to the kitchen. In Mario’s Black Beauty Rockville Center kitchen, notice how the “pop” of red in the chair fabric creates intense visual interest as do the green topiaries. The red bowl and splash of red in the geometric counters enhance the long kitchen island countertop, and the Le Creuset pot on the stove brightens the room. (Bottom three kitchens are designed with Wood Mode cabinetry).

1. Terafeu Casserole with Lid | 2. Ruffoni Historia Brazier Pot | 3. Au Courant Vase Set | 4. Preserved Boxwood Greenery


3. Add color to your kitchen walls. You can completely change the look of your kitchen by painting the kitchen in a vibrant hue. Taine painted this client’s kitchen walls in a stunning shade of violet (Syosset, NY). Kitchen Cabinetry (top to bottom): Brookhaven w/Bentwood uppers, Allmilmo, Allmilmo, Wood-Mode.


4. Add earthy or vibrant shades of green. Subtle greens add warmth and bold greens invigorate. Green tends to pair beautifully with other colors. Cabinetry Top Row: Marchi Group; Bottom Row: Bentwood, Brookhaven, Wood-Mode.

1. Tin Woodsman Crosby & Taylor Pistachio Canisters |  2. Terramoto Moss Green Striped Canisters | 3. WAC Lighting Passion Quick Connect Monorail Head | 4. Au Courant Acid Green Vases (Set of 6) 


5. Energize with orange. Growing up on Long Island’s North Shore, I clearly remember the orange shag rug we had in our family room and the orange paisley cushions on the outdoor patio furniture…and yes our appliances were avocado …(Did I just give away my age?) I’ll always associate orange with those lively days…(of my toddlerhood).

1. Leicht | 2. Rationale | 3. Nolte | 4. Flowering Tube Barnacle Vase | 5. Corals and Shells Jars | 6. Coral Crackle Vase

6. Bring calm by adding bold or delicate blues to the kitchen. We saw a scattering of blue hues in the kitchen at the 2013 IMM Cologne Living Kitchen show this year.

1. Tea Cup Embroidered Blue Kitchen Towels |  2. Royal Doulton Blue Place Setting | 3. Kartell – Mauna Kea Stool  | 4. Le Creuset Cake Stand

7. Position some wacky and unexpected design elements into the kitchen. My kitchen is somewhat formal, so to lighten it up I found a hand-painted Intrada purple and green artichoke owl with wildly wacky eyes (see below). He was quite the conversation piece until a friend came over and absolutely had to have him. She repainted her kitchen to match the little guy. Find more items like these in our ‘Unique Design‘ posts.


8. Use food to decorate your kitchen, and find gorgeous apothecary jars or fruit bowls to display your seasonal delicacies. Think lemons, apples, peppers, oranges, etc. Not only do they look beautiful on the counter, they are easily accessible for a healthy snack.


9. Add shades of purple in the kitchen.  Violet is another great color this year. See designer Mario Mulea’s designer picks for “That Color Purple.”

1. Purple with Iris Yellow Overlay Vase (Source: Artful Home) |  2. Linden Sweden Wine Glasses | 3. Le Chef Stainless Purple Kettle | 4. Tech Lighting Purple Pendant


10. Let there be red in the kitchen. Does anyone ever really tire of red?

1. Scarlet & Lime Fruit Bowl |  2. Vietri Tuscan Garden Red Pitcher | 3. Red Retro Step Can | 4. Bimbi Red Reticello Pendant by Oggetti Luce (no longer available) | 5. Red Bow KitchenTowels |  6. Ball Clock by George Nelson


We will be writing more about specific kitchen color combinations in upcoming posts. What I find interesting is when our Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly clients ask us to design kitchens for their second homes such as in their Hamptons beach houses on the East End of Long Island or in their ski houses in the mountains, they seem to be much more willing to add bold color or mix materials and textures into these secondary residences. Why are we less color shy in our second homes? A color boost in the kitchen might be just what we need after a long winter.

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