Multiple showerheads, overhead “rain” showers, body sprays, hand sprays, steam showers, towel warmers… move over and make room for the new bathroom necessity — cutting edge hidden television technology directly in the mirror.




The bath is no longer merely a functional place to wash and groom. People are spending increasingly more time in their bathrooms and want a  spa-like experience.




Installing a TV behind a two-way mirror is quite luxurious.




The experience it creates is like no other. It provides an incredibly relaxing and luxurious environment during a candle-lit chromotherapy bath, and shaving or putting on makeup while catching up on the morning news is truly enjoyable.

In the photo below, Ken is testing the superior picture quality of Electric Mirror’s TV built within a shaving mirror.




The waterproof version allows for installation in your bath or steam shower as well. Components are sealed against humidity. The functionality allows the unit to operate as a mirror when the unit is off and as a TV when it is on.

A 1″ thick LCD TV installs flash with the mirror, doesn’t obstruct the view, and prevents fogging. Let’s face it, no one would want an ugly, clumsy “days of old” TV in their bath taking up valuable countertop real estate when they can have a sleek, modern design that enhances the décor.


Kitchen Designs Ken Kelly Photo EMs North-Star-Waterproof-Spa-


Below is a demonstration video from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Shows.



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