wine rooms and wet bars

Architectural elements add old world charm to these luxurious wine rooms and bars — all designed in Wood Mode cabinetry. Custom wine rooms, storage, shelving, and refrigeration for fine wine collections are very much a part of what we do at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly.  Clients want either full-blown wine rooms with all the modern conveniences or they request that we add concealed cabinets and wine refrigeration for temperature controlled wine storage within their room design.

wet bar

We can customize a single piece of furniture to look like an old antique, or we can design a full wine cellar depending on what kind of space you have available. For several clients, we built wine storage areas under their basement stairs or into an existing closet. Adding wine refrigeration within the kitchen design is quite common. In the Garden City kitchen below, we added under counter wine refrigeration to the kitchen island, also designed with Wood Mode cabinetry. If you have the space in your kitchen, it is a very convenient option. (Affiliates above: Riedel Vinum Chardonnay/Bordeaux Set and Baccarat Rivoli Decanter)

In the photo below, the wine area was efficiently built into a wet bar area complete with fine furniture detailing for organized serving and storage.

If you have the room for an in-home weekend getaway, why not add a complete custom bar. It’s perfect for entertaining. Yes, this is also Wood-Mode cabinetry!


We built the custom white bar above into a nook off the living room for a client in Lloyd Neck (Long Island, NY). The glass globe pendant light is from Arteriors Caviar Collection.


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