Voice-activated smart home hubs are pretty handy when your own hands are covered in flour or stuffed into oven mitts. Whether dictating recipes from your favorite food bloggers or quickly converting teaspoons to pints, voice-activated digital assistants are ideal sous chefs.


Kohler has updated their Sensate kitchen faucet. This smart faucet has voice-activated technology that will turn water on and off on command. It will also dispense the exact amount of water you need for a recipe without waste. Use the KOHLER Konnect app to monitor and track your water usage. You can even receive alerts that will detect unusual usage. If your hands are dirty, you can either tell the faucet to turn on with your voice or motion activate it without ever touching faucet handles.


While getting the correct water measurement, you can trust Kohler’s smart faucet, but for baking if you don’t use exact measurements, your pie or cake could turn out to be a disaster, which is why a kitchen scale is essential. Drop’s connected scale makes baking easy for newbies guiding you through recipes on your iPhone or iPad, ingredient by ingredient. If you want to double the recipe, a clever feature in the app will automatically change the amount of ingredients proportionally. Keeping you from fumbling with measuring spoons and focused on enjoying the baking process.


Baking is best when you can precisely control heat and airflow, providing just the right cooking environment for everything from Cornish hens to cherry pie to butternut squash. Smart ovens like Sub-Zero Wolf oven and Bosch ovens, control heat and airflow expertly as dual convection creates just the right cooking environment for everything. Built in temperature probes will end the practice of constantly opening the oven to check and re-check your dish. This is especially effective when cooking meat in the oven. The temperature probe alerts you when the dish has reached its desired temperature and automatically ends the cooking process. It can also be programmed to keep the food warm. No more overcooking your food — success made easy.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Make the kitchen the center of your home. Samsung’s Family Hub helps you manage your home providing connected living capabilities for food management, family bulletin board schedules tailored to each member’s schedule, custom news, weather, and entertainment — all controlled from a 21.5″ touchscreen. Plan a meal based on what foods are available inside your refrigerator, and use your voice to add items to a shopping list. Now with Bixby, an intelligent voice assistant, you can control your Family Hub hands-free from anywhere in your kitchen using simple voice commands. Smart fridge can also automatically assign expiration notifications and nutritional information to make sure your food is fresh and healthy. You can also look inside the refrigerator from your smart phone while you are at the supermarket. Amazing!

NutriBullet – Nutrition & Balance

Far too many people are suffering from weight gain and find it nearly impossible to shed unwanted pounds. This can mean low energy, increased stress, and more visits to the doctor’s office. More times than not, this is caused by having a busy schedule. All you need is a proven plan to get you back on track to feeling and looking great. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your heart health, or manage diabetes, the NutriBullet Balance has you covered. Their patented technology allows you to eat the right amount of the right foods. Say goodbye to recipe books, measuring cups and hoping you get it right.

Sous Vide – Perfect Results, Every Time

Controlling the cooking temperature precisely during the cooking process, a method used by professionals for decades, it works by circulating heated water in a pot, cooking food to the exact set temperature. Precision control of heat while cooking a steaks means perfection between a rare and medium-rare steak. Place food in a re-sealable bag and then clip the bag of food to the side of the pot. The Anova Precision® Cooker will cook your food to your perfect level of doneness. With Sous Vide, you no longer have to ever worry about overcooking your food. I have a friend that swears by this cooking method. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it is on my bucket list.

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