Gaggenau Dishwasher with Quick Wash and Crystal Cycle

Post by Mario Mulea, CR

All Washed Up – Which dishwasher is best for you?

Being someone that still thinks “Social ME-dia” is getting together with people, seeing them, and hearing their voices rather that staring at a screen with foolishly small text, home entertaining is still paramount.

As you contemplate your next kitchen renovation or wish to simply replace some appliances …and you are still of the belief entertaining makes memories that will last longer than your next smartphone, you might want to consider a new dishwasher.

Not all dishwashers are created equal. Some dishwashers hold more than others, some have more specialized features like crystal and glass cycles, and a select few have the magic “quick wash” cycle. Those homeowners that have this feature now know what I am talking about; everyone else, take note.

Here is the scenario. You have a house full of family and friends for a celebration, a dishwasher with an almost  2-hour cycle, and you wake the next morning with dishes still in the sink that did not fit on the first go-round. How amazing would it be to have the appetizer dishes washed and finished before the main course ends, an empty dishwasher to handle the main course, and still enough time to run the dessert dishes before calling it a night?

Look no further than European and European-inspired brands for this magic “quick wash” feature. Check out some  Thermador, GE Monogram, Bosch, Gaggenau and Miele for this feature that might free you up for more “Social ME-dia.”  You can research these brands on our client resources page to find the appliance that works best for you.



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