bathtub designed for kids

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Bathtub for Kids:

Having built something similar to bathe my three dogs, I have to admit I think this new bathtub for kids by Safety Tubs is rather clever in the kids bathroom design!

If you look closely at the side shot I took, you can see that it temporarily installs over your existing tub and ties directly into your existing plumbing. It transforms your standard bathtub into a safe, back saving, knee saving, fun way to comfortably bathe your child. It also uses far less water and energy than a traditional bathtub, and you can quickly remove it if needed.

One might think a product like this wouldn’t have much longevity, but I can tell you my kids bathed in the kitchen sink for years (see photo below).


Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Safe Child Bathtub

bathtub designed for kids


Two designs are available—a red fire truck or a butterfly carriage. Now, if they make one in a dog theme…


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