Walker Zanger New Tile Collections

Walker Zanger’s new luxury tile collections above (left to right) 1. Duquesa “Fatima” | 2. Duquesa “Fez” | 3.”San Marcos” | 4. “Ostia” | 5. Tangent “Ipanema” | 6. Duquesa “Raffaela” | 7. Tangent “Astral Night” | 8.”Granada”
The photos above are our finds from the treasure hunt. Ken was so into this challenge; and yes, there really was a treasure at the end as we were all given gorgeous hand-made tile boxes. Mine is sitting on my nightstand!

Jared Becker, Vice President of Design and Marketing for Walker Zanger shared his passion and expertise during our Blog Tour luncheon at Walker Zanger’s spectacular Las Vegas showroom. He sent us off on a treasure hunt throughout their spectacular showroom to discover the new luxury tile collections for 2014.

Walker Zanger is known for their award-winning designs, and Jared is frequently interviewed and cited by national press. We were honored to have him share his wealth of industry knowledge and expertise with us. He draws inspiration from traveling the world, studying modern and classic architecture, and marveling at the beauty of nature. Walker Zanger continues to push the boundaries of design using unique textures and innovative techniques driving new trends in the tile industry. This luxury tile is a leading choice for our designers at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly. One of the collections our designers particularly like is their “Nature Porcelain” collection as seen in Mario Mulea’s “Bistro on the Bay” Southampton beach house kitchen. The Nature Porcelain collection looks and feels like grain-sawn wood yet wears and endures with the power of porcelain.


During lunch we had a chance to have a more in depth conversation with Jared, and he mentioned how they source raw material from all over the world and include these materials into their designs using advanced water jet technology to cut intricate patterns. Within one of their designs, for example, they may have a marble from Africa, a stone from Italy, and another stone from Chile… the result is just awesome! For more information, visit walkerzanger.com.


Disclosure–Although Ken and Grace Kelly’s  invitation from BlogTourVegas and its sponsors includes airfare, amazing accommodations, excellent meals, and fantastic company, Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. has  been specifying Walker Zanger products throughout our 30+ years in the industry. All thoughts and opinions on these products are entirely our own.



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