Toto Neorest 750 self cleaning toilet

This new TOTO Neorest 750H with Actilight is no ordinary toilet! It is the Rolls Royce of toilets, and it just received the hopilver Best of KBIS Bath Award and the Award for design excellence in the Bath and Wellness category from iF International Design Organization. I can tell you first hand that this toilet is life changing. You walk near it and the heated seat lifts automatically. The warmth you feel is beyond fabulous. There are several personal cleansing and drying options as well. It is truly a sensory experience. Since a live demo wouldn’t be right,  you will just have to visualize the front cleanse, rear cleanse, and dryer blowing.

TOTO was one of our BlogTour Vegas sponsors and their innovative booth was a highlight of our tour. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Daijiro Nogata, President of TOTO USA, and Bill Strang, Senior Vice President of Operations. During a private luncheon at Mario Batali’s Carnevino at the Palazzo Hotel where we discussed the TOTO’s newest product releases.

Photo at Blog Tour Vegas Luncheon Toto USA President and VP of Operations

The Technology

The Actilight cleansing technology is a complete bowl cleaning system with patented cleansing and flushing technologies. TOTO’s eWater+ technology uses the incoming water supply and pre-mists the bowl’s surface preventing waste’s adherence 80% better than a dry bowl. Once you flush, the system mists the bowl with electrolyzed water with a slightly acidic pH value, keeping the bowl fresher and cleaner for longer periods of time.

The titanium dioxide coating and zirconium makes it nearly impossible for organic substances to adhere to the bowl’s surface. Along with its integrated UV light, activated when the seat lid is closed, triggers a photocatalytic process to break down organic substances. This allows the toilet to remain incredibly clean and fresh for months at a time. In addition the Cyclone dual-flush technology releases two powerful water jets that use only one gallon of water per flush to create a whirlpool effect that cleans the bowls surface and rim quietly and thoroughly. Other design features include an integrated personal cleansing system, auto-open/close, and auto-flush features.


This model will be available Spring 2014. For more information, consumers may visit

Photos via TOTO and Chasen West for Modenus.

Disclosure–Although Ken and Grace Kelly’s  invitation from BlogTourVegas and its sponsors (including TOTO) includes airfare. amazing accommodations, excellent meals, and fantastic company. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. has  been specifying TOTO products for many years, and all thoughts and opinions on these products are entirely our own.

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