Explore the top 10 Technology innovations featured in Kitchen & Bath Business Online. Upgrade the technology of your kitchens and bathrooms and improve your quality of life with these 2019 trends. 

Kohler Veil Lightning

1 – Kohler’s New Veil Lightning Collection

Kohler’s Veil Lighting Collection uses built-in, intelligent lighting to improve your daily bathroom experience. Motion-activated technology turns the collection on simultaneously while intuitively selecting the ideal color temperature to mimic nature and best support wellness. The collection includes an intelligent toilet, freestanding bath, lighted mirror, and a lighted three-piece vanity that work together to give you lighting options for various moods. The Veil Lighted collection gives the power of personalization directly to the user and is adjustable with voice, motion-control, a physical remote controller or the KOHLER Konnect app. The collection is modern in design and currently works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. More info at Kohler.com

Omigo SL High-Tech Toilet Seat

2 – Omigo SL High-Tech Toilet Seat

Here’s a toilet experience you that will eliminate the separate bidet. The Omigo SL is a new, high-tech toilet seat that cleanses bottoms with a spritz of water and dries them with a breeze of warm air. Years of research, tech, and testing went into building this ingenious little life-hack that just snaps onto your toilet. You don’t have to care about the marvel of engineering you’re sitting on. Just press the remote and enjoy being washed and dried. It’s the only way to truly get clean after the bathroom, outside hopping into the shower. More info at myomigo.com

ThermaTouch Plus Controls

3 – ThermaTouch Plus Controls

ThermaSol‘s new controller gives you total control over your home spa experience. The ThermaTouch Plus offers advanced in-shower steam control with an innovative large screen design and a very bright view. It hosts 20 apps you can download, is fully water proof for use in showers, bathing areas and patios. You can even set the steam, lights and music to your exact specifications.  More info at ThermaSol.com
Moen water supply monitor

4 – Moen Water Monitoring System

Moen has partnered with Flo Technologies, a company whose mission is to help prevent water damage in homes, to launch Flo by Moen. This product aims to protect your home from water damage and leaks by running daily tests to ensure your home plumbing network is running efficiently. The device continuously checks for leaks and potential vulnerabilities in your pipes. It will automatically shut off water to your home in the event of catastrophic failure. It also has a connected phone app that provides real-time data, so you can monitor your daily usage and address problems as soon as they are discovered. More info at Moen.com
KitchenAid Smart Display

5 – KitchenAid Smart Display with Google Assisant

The new KitchenAid Smart Display for home cooks is a multi-functional smart display with the Google Assistant. This android-powered device is tailor-made for a cook’s countertop, offering you step-by-step recipes while cooking. It has an IPX-5 water-resistance rating. The KitchenAid Smart Display also has exclusive cooking tips and content courtesy of the Whirlpool-owned Yummly app. You’ll be able to open Yummly with a voice command to the display; then, you’ll see personalized recipe recommendations based on your prior use of the app. Make a recipe selection, and Yummly will walk you through all the cooking steps. More info at KitchenAid.com
LG Smart Double-Wall Oven

6 – LG Smart Double-Wall Oven

Want to cook two meals at once? This allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures all at the same time! LG has expanded its portfolio of Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances with LG’s first-ever smart combination double wall ovens (models LWC3063BD and LWC3063ST). These offer cooking speeds up to four times faster than conventional ovens.  It certainly gives you room for everything you’d need for holiday dinners. With LG EasyClean® you will have fast and easy oven-cleaning by just spraying the oven interior with water; then, start the process. In 10 minutes, wipe away leftover grime. More info at LG.com

Mockett Pop-up Power Receptacles

7 – Mockett Pop-up Power Receptacles

Hate those wall plate outlets in your custom backsplash? You might want to trade it for an in-counter outlet. Have a look at Mockett’s new pop-up power receptacles. You add these to the countertop for easy access when needed, the pop-up receptacles can be pressed down to hide away when not in use. These sleek and handy outlets are not only limited to kitchens but work in any potential wet area. These are offered in both surface mount and flush (seamless). It has an outlet on both sides. More info at mockett.com
Ortal Tunnel fireplaces

8 – Ortal Tunnel Fireplaces

This is one of our favorite design features that offers exposure and visibility of your fireplace from both sides, Tunnel fireplaces from Ortal are encased in walls or columns, and are a wonderful way to divide living spaces with modern style. The see-through design creates and emits warmth and beauty in two separate areas — wonderfully efficient. This Tunnel fireplace series also works perfectly as a dual interior/exterior solution. The decorative interiors include a number of wood styles: Charred Oak Clay Logs, Split Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs, Driftwood Logs and a mix of long and short branches. Ceramic Fiber Stones are offered in either gray or white and Polished Ceramic Glass is offered in amber, black, blue or clear. More info at OrtalHeat.com

Thermador Home Connect App

9 – Thermador Home Connect App

Thermador has launched the Connected Experience by Home Connect, which takes you on a journey by connecting you to exclusive content, partnerships and customized product guidance. It has features like Remote Start, mobile notifications, and access to user manuals. The Thermador Connected Experience is also compatible with other smart devices you may already be using in the home. When products are paired with Home Connect, you can personalize your coffee with preparation suggestions, receive wine pairing recipes to help enhance your culinary experience, and cook the perfect steak using smart tools, recipes and expert guidance that helps home cooks reach their culinary goals. More info at Thermador.com
MTI Baths Microbubbles Technology

10 – MTI Baths Microbubbles Technology

The wellness bathing trend continues! MTI Baths introduced a new sensory therapy that uses the power of tiny bubbles to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin as it detoxifies pores by enveloping the body in extra oxygen. Microbubbles technology super-saturates the water with up to 50 percent more dissolved oxygen than regular water, turning the bath water a milky white through the infusion of billions of tiny oxygen-rich bubbles the size of the head of a pin. Are you ready for a warm, relaxing soak that improves the skin and soothes mind and body? I am! This new sensory therapy option is available on most of MTI’s Designer drop-in or Sculpted Finish soaking or air bath tubs. More info at MTIbaths.com

source: Kitchen and Bath Business (KBIS, 2019)

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