The secret to a great kitchen is a great MUDROOM!

This is something we tell our clients all the time. You need to have an efficient place to drop all the things that you’re going to bring into your home as you walk in. Which door in your home do you always walk in before you head to the kitchen?

You need a good place to put down your keys, your pocketbooks/backpacks, your jackets, your coats, your sports gear, and your umbrellas. Plus, you need a place you can plug in your cell phone charger, drop your mail, and listen to messages left on your answering machine for the day. If you don’t have a place to do those things, then all of that stuff is going to end up in your kitchen in a pile somewhere where it doesn’t belong. A well-designed mudroom or landing area is key to organization and efficiency! … and selfishly… we want the kitchen we create for you to look magnificent!

Have a look at some ideas below:

beach house mud room
Sustainable Green Kitchen Design Green Cabinets in Bamboo
Sustainable Green Kitchen Design Green Cabinets in Bamboo
white custom mudroom

If you’re looking for baskets for your mudroom, here are some great baskets at Amazon.

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