For years, many kitchens have included a desk area — a place to sit down, write checks, file recipes, and possibly have a computer hooked up alongside the infamous junk drawer. With all the upgrades to technology, these old desk areas have become a cluttered dumping zone for keys, handbags, wallets, papers, and mail.

Let’s face it; the old-fashioned kitchen desk with wasted space underneath is rather obsolete, even if Fido likes his dog bed and dishes under there. Many people are using tablets to surf the web, read blogs such as this one, look up recipes, and check e-mails. Considering the way we live our lives today, we are changing the design and function of this area to be more conducive with today’s living by eliminating the desk area and replacing it with more storage for files, take out menus, kitchen product guides, and school correspondence. The countertop can be open or closed behind cabinet doors and house a place for your phone, purse, keys, and cell phone chargers.

I like to call this modern workstation “The Communication Center.” It is all about having the conveniences at your fingertips without the clutter. This communications center  houses a computer, mail cubbies, cookbooks behind closed cabinets, a calendar drawer, file drawer, and printer rollout. The pocket doors can pull closed to conceal the entire area if needed.


Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly White Kitchen Photo Ideas - Media Phone Center in Kitchen

At KBIS this year JTech Solutions came out with the DockingDrawer™ where all wires and devices could be neatly tucked away while charging.




This cherry kitchen houses a device docking station, separate calendar and invitation drawers, four file cabinets, pocket doors to conceal telephone and answering machine, bookshelves, pens and pencil drawers, notepad drawers, pull out printer rollout drawers.




Here is another interesting way we can hide the electronic charging station in the kitchen.

phone charging station in the kitchen - hidden

The design of this space will be unique and customized to meet the needs of our clients.


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