Marble Kitchen Countertop

Today’s topic is based on a question that a reader emailed us…

Question: How do you feel about Carrara or Danby marble as a kitchen countertop? Everyone tells me no because it’s porous and it stains, but others tell me if you seal it, then it’s ok. I LOVE Carrara marble!  Help!  What do you think?

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Designers’ Expert Advice:  Marble is in fact soft and porous. If you want to keep it looking showroom “mint,” then you probably shouldn’t buy it because it is not going to stay that way. Over time there will be imperfections, especially if you are a family of cooks and you use your kitchen often. However, if you go to Europe, you will find marbles in many kitchen applications. These marbles are scratched, worn, and stained; it is part of their beautiful character. Sealing the marble absolutely does help, but sealing will NOT prevent all of the staining that might occur.

If you like the look of marble but want it to stay looking as mint as the day you installed it, you might consider a quartz alternative, see this post about other options for white Carrara or Vermont Danby marble: Quartz Alternative to White Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops

With that said, we still love the elegant look of marble and continue to use it in many of our kitchen remodels as shown in these two Long Island kitchen renovation projects above (Dix Hills and East Williston, NY).

Marble Kitchen Island

Hope this helps.

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