In celebration of the holidays, and perhaps turning over a new leaf when it comes to our health, we hosted another successful How to Handle the Holidays cooking workshop at Kitchen Designs last week.

Together with Holistic Chef, Christine Borzell, and Personal Chef & Holistic Nutritionist, MaryAnn Jones of Thrive Naturally, we tackled eating healthy during the most challenging of holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. The turkey, the stuffing, the desserts, the bliss! You can actually eat healthy during the holidays? What a concept! Well, it’s not entirely impossible…

The meals were simple, light, delicious and most importantly, healthy. From kale chips and trail mix with dark chocolate, nuts and cranberries to snack on, to a tasty Chicken soup with couscous, there is no way you will be missing out on flavor this year. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the holiday grub!

If you’d like to try them yourself: Click Here for recipes. (Crock Pot Chicken Soup, Kale Chips, Homemade Trail Mix, Almond Muffins)

Here are some more photos from the event. Click the thumbnails to view in full-size.

Click Here for Recipes from our “Food Can Heal” Workshop


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